NFL RB Tre Mason Tasered After Being Pulled Over With Weed

Like clockwork, another NFL player is in hot water for a weed-related offense. Unlike his peers, Tre Mason of the St. Louis Los Angeles Rams was at least partially at fault in this situation–but that doesn’t mean he needed to be tased by angry Hollywood, Florida cops.

Confirming the old adage that nothing good comes after 4 AM, Mason was pulled over early Saturday morning “on suspicion of possession of marijuana, reckless driving, failure to register a motor vehicle and resisting arrest.” Mason was (allegedly) going 70 MPH in a 35 MPH speed zone in his Porsche when the cop lights stated flashing.

Rather than pull over, Mason did what he does on the field: ran away from the defense. Mason eventually pulled over when another car blocked his route, and that’s when the story gets interesting.

Mason allegedly refused to make eye contact and was making a mockery of the police station, and a tourist couple caught the incident in action:

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.55.04 AM

Smirking? I guess. But it mostly just looks like a young professional athlete somewhat stoned that knows he’s in for a bad time. Mason wouldn’t exit the vehicle on his own, so the cops “subdued” him with a taser that ended with Mason in the hospital.

Here’s the explanation from the 5-0:

“I warned the defendant if he did not identify himself he would be subject to arrest and he smirked as he was making eye contact,” Officer Lester Cochenour wrote in his report.

“The defendant was warned several times in a composed voice to stop resisting, exit the vehicle and if he did not comply with arrest, a Taser would be used,” the officer wrote in the report. [ESPN]

Yeah, Mason was definitely acting like a schmuck. But he wasn’t getting violent or agro on cops: he was just acting indifferently. It’s hard to believe cops need to immediately use a taser on someone to get him out of a car.

The more likely explanation is that the cops saw a rich, entitled black professional athlete in an expensive car and started salivating when they noticed his car wasn’t registered. Then, when they smelled weed, they pounced on their prey.

Was Mason doing some stuff wrong? Sure. But smirking does not at all seem worth getting tasered over. Now, he joins Newsome and Jaelen Strong as the third notable NFL player in three weeks to get busted cause he smelled like weed / got profiled by cops

As for Tre, maybe Los Angeles and its night life isn’t the best new home for him…



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