Nick Diaz Smoked a Golden Glove Blunt at CHR Los Angeles

Nick Diaz is no stranger to weed. The MMA legend has famously, in fact, chosen cannabis consumption over continuing his career, resulting in a suspension due to “Whereabouts Failures”–cause he never shows up to drug tests.

The prized fighter has smoked a massive joint with Tommy Chong (and Chong’s dog) and you’d think he regularly hits his brother Nate’s own custom Illadelph Bong. While unclear if Diaz (who hasn’t fought since 2013) is retired, it’s clear that he’s not shying away from weed any time soon.

Case and point? Diaz got down with the OG Raskal crew at CHR Los Angeles and blazed an awesome, golden-glove blunt rolled by Weavers. And he hit it like a champ:

With more and more research showing that cannabis (CBD and THC) can aid against brain/head trauma, you’d think the MMA would let guys like Diaz fight–and medicate properly before and after those fights…



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