Top NFL Prospect Arrested With 7 Blunts After Tumble Off Ballcony

After an early quiet marijuana arrest season for NFL and college football, Ole Miss’ Robert Nkemdiche spiced the arrest log up before bowl season. Nkemdiche, projected as a top five pick (and before this, top of many draft boards), fell four stories out of a window of an Atlanta hotel on Saturday evening.

The cause? Apparently some bad weed (or maybe spice?) and a case of classic stoner folly or neuroticism:

After arriving on the scene, police searched the room from which Nkemdiche fell at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead, Georgia, on Saturday night. According to the incident report, the investigating officer discovered “seven rolled marijuana cigarettes, rolled in Cigarillo Blunt papers” and reported that “the room was in complete disarray.” [ESPN]

But this wasn’t the 6’4″ 296 mammoth lineman’s run in with the weed police. Last season, this Snapchat of Nkemdiche went viral (yes, there’s a bong hiding below those tree trunk arms):

Now? Nkemdiche may miss his team’s bowl game and will likely face “character concerns” from NFL teams that will probably cost him millions and see him slide out of the Top 10.

And while falling four stories off of a hotel balcony should raise some concern, a set of pre-rolled blunts should not. The past has proven that an infatuation for pot does not lead to failing in the NFL (as long as you can pass the once-a-year NFL drug test).

Recent players with these concerns like The Honey Badger, Will Hill, Martavis Bryant and rookies Dorial Green-Beckham/Shane Gray have put the argument to rest by starting in the league and overcoming these issues. Hell, perhaps on-field success is a little predicated by off-field weed issues.

Because any football player smart enough to realize smoking weed is a better choice than popping pills is smart enough to play on Sundays. Come draft day, some team will take a “Mel Kiper chance” on Nkemdiche–hopefully it’s the Giants.




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