Study Claims Smoking Weed Stunts Growth, Delays Puberty

Doctors in Pakistan performed a study on the hormones of 437 boys and concluded that “smoking cannabis may cause early puberty and stunted growth in boys.

Of the 437 subjects, 217 smoked weed regularly before they hit puberty. The scientists found that these early tokers had higher testosterone levels but less growth hormones than the non-“drug users.”

And according to the results, by the time this small sample size of boys (really not much) reached the age of 20, the non-smokers were 8.8 pounds heavier and 4.6 inches taller. Those results seem skewed and are likely due to the small sample size, because I’ve seen some very large stoners (see: the NFL) in my day.

But the study does perhaps accurately claim that the rise of the cortisol hormone in smokers suppresses one’s growth rate, an apparently correct correlation.

That said, this study doesn’t go to in-depth and is open to interpretation–maybe they just picked the wrong set of boys.

I started smoking regularly by the time I was 14, and can say the same for other Club Members. My height and weight are exactly the same as my father, though it’s nice to imagine I’d be 6’3″, 210, and jacked if I didn’t start smoking weed till I hit my 20s.

[Belfast Telegraph]



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