Tennessee Legalizes Cannabis Oils (For Real)

Nashville isn’t turning into Hashville just yet, but for Tennessee’s patients in dire need, aid in the way of weed is on its way to the Volunteer State.

It’s not legal weed or even medical marijuana, but patients with epilepsy suffering from sever seizures may now legally consume cannabis oils (typically non-psychoactive CBD). Governor Bill Haslam signed the bill into law on Monday, which means 1-year-old girls with epilepsy like Josie Mathes and her parents no longer have to fear death or jail for medicating the right way.

Patients need a doctor’s recommendation to qualify for the cannabis oils and goes into effect immediately.  But there’s one major caveat: no one can purchase the product in Tennessee and that’s mainly because no one can legally produce cannabis in Tennessee.

Instead, families like the Mathes’ must import the plant from states like Colorado and California, an act that’s legality is very much in a grey area depending on the outcome of the federally introduced CARERS Act. If enacted, this Act would make importing CBD oils legal and put to rest any concerns for families like these.

The next steps for Tennessee (and the other nearly dozen states with cannabis oil laws) are clear: let farmers legally grow weed in state, let people access the material in state, and then just get it on with all-out legalization.

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