Terps: Thats why it tastes so good!

Cannabis has always been broken into two molecular categories, THC and CBD. Both have variations within them such as CBN and THCa. Now we have discovered a third party molecule, which gives your bud its potent and distinct aroma. Terpenes and Terpenoids secrete the essential oils from that give all strains of cannabis their pungent, sweet, earthy taste and aroma.

   The Terpene molecule creates the amazing smell’s coming from your buddies green house. Cannabis has such a distinct smell and taste from strain to strain, that it was only a matter of time before terpenoid profiles started being explored. Below is a Terpene reference key by www.leafly.comTErp KEY

It shows the six different terpene profiles. Limonene for example gives Sour D and Trainwreck its distinct citrus taste and aroma. Strains like OG Kush and Romulan get their distinct piny aroma from the Pinene terpene. The Myrcene terpene gives Grandaddy Purp and Northern Lights their musky, herbal profiles. All in all there are six terpene profiles found in cannabis.

terp breakdown  We are now starting to discover the effects terpenes have on our cannabinoid receptors. New companies and official testing labs are staring to map out terpenes and terpenoid profiles. This will allow breeders & Cultivators endless possibilities when it comes to predicting and manipulating cannabis strains. This is ability to target and identify which terpenes help with which conditions is the next step in unlocking the potential for cannabis’s wide range of healing properties. Discovering the power of targeted cannabis terpenes and the individual healing properties they provide, are the next steps in our green revolution.



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