TGI Fridays Refuses to Serve People “With a Strong Marijuana Odor”

No shirts, no shoes but the scent of reefer = no service at a Largo, Maryland TGI Fridays. The chain food store displayed a modern form of stoner discrimination by displaying this blunt sign:

Corporate TGIFs already responded that this message was independent of the brand’s stance and is under investigation:


TGIF’s knows who breads their wings and fries their potato skins: and that is stoners. Cause you’d have to be high to eat in a TGIF’s, which is slightly above Applebees and slightly above Chiles on the list of inedible mid-range food chains. As you’d expect, stoner social media is up in arms from High Times to every major Instagram account:

Guess who's no longer eating at T.G.I.Fridays… Me ??‍♂️

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At least it’s a fun way to end 2016: the year that telling stoners they’re not welcome in a corporate food chain gets you under investigation and hopefully fired. Hopefully it’s a sign for what’s to come in 2017.



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