The World’s First “Celebrity Chef” Branded Edibles Arrive in Illinois

The culinary world has finally collided with cannabis. Acclaimed Chicago chef Mindy Segal has teamed up with Illinois cultivator Cresco Labs to develop a line of high-end dessert edibles for Illinois’ medical marijuana patients.

The partnership is the first of the kind between acclaimed chef and the green rush that sees the chef/owner of Chicago’s HotChocolate and a five-time James Beard nominee for Outstanding Pastry Chef team up with the emerging medical state’s biggest cannabis grower.

And it sounds a little tastier than your run of the mill THC gummies. A press release reveals that at first, the offerings will be  “a line of chocolate brittle bars, a line of infused granola bites, an infused chocolate drink that is intended to be warmed to enhance the soothing effects, and a ready-made mix with do-it-yourself instructions.”

Yes: that’s indeed a medicated hot chocolate just in time for the winter. These edibles should be available to patients in Illinois by the end of February. If they taste as good as Segal’s non-medicated desserts look–and are dosed properly–they’ll quickly become the first truly “boutique” edible of its kind.

More importantly, it’s an intriguing partnership for all the right reasons and one that could play a role in the future of this major niche of the pot business. While we’ve seen many a celebrity enter the big weed fray (see: Snoop, Bob and Willie), the Mario Batalis of the world have either not thought of entering this market or are afraid to do so.

Since edibles are a touchy, intoxicating subject and modern, cable cuisine is such big business, you might not see names like Fly and Morimoto ever enter this fray. Hopefully Segal’s emergence inspires more of the modern, hipper chefs to take the plunge into pot and offer culinary expertise in a field filled with replica products (see: infused, bland chocolate bars) and without imagination.

In the not-so-distant future, there will be an episode of Iron Chef where weed is the secret ingredient. Like pot going legal, this natural marriage seems hard to avoid–and like a stoner’s munchie heaven.


Here are those dope looking snacks from her restaurant which is known for its pastries:

(Not infused with THC)



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