These Nuns in California are Growing Nugs

A new kind of holy matrimony has hit in California: a sister act built on growing the holy smoke. The “Sisters of the Valley” in Nor Cal’s Merced, Sister Kate and Sister Darcey, are growing high CBD-weed and turning that medicine into Salves and Tinctures.

Since the non-psychoactive CBD (which won’t get you high), not to be confused with THC (which will get you ripped), has widely known healing properties from seizures to cancer, the modern Sister Act claims they’re simply on a mission to cure the ill:

“We make CBD oil which takes away seizures, and a million other things,” Sister Kate told KFSN-TV reporter. “And we make a multi-purpose salve that cures migraines, hangovers, earaches, diaper rash, and toothaches.” [RT]

The “Sisters of CBD” have the right mojo going: pairing religion with this healing version of marijuana is both a savvy business and moral move. Selling their CBD “Sisters of the Valley” Salve for $10 and a Tincture for $90 are also pretty fair prices or at least cheaper than a lot of their competition you’ll find in dispensaries.

The only problem? A proposal in their hometown by the Mercer City Council may ban all weed growing in the county, putting the Sisters business plan in turmoil. But since this is California and since they’re only growing CBD, odds are heavy they’ll be able to get a pass from both God and law.

As weed becomes more and more mainstream, it’ll be interesting to see what other caste groups–not to mention athletes and celebs–come out of the woodworks to benefit from the Green Grush. Hell, bible studies in Colorado are even pairing weed with psalms.

It’s 2016, and nuns are growing weed. Highlelluja!




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