Tourists Can Now Buy an Ounce of Legal Colorado Weed!

It took 2.5 years, but those going to Colorado for a high time can finally purchase a zip without having to visit four different dispensaries. And you should’ve seen the look on Lex and the tour crew’s face when they found out they could buy a full ounce from Natural Remedies in Denver last week.

Governor John Hickenlooper’s approval of HB 1261 both renewed Colorado state marijuana regulations and revoked a rule that limited out-of-state customers to a quarter ounce per visit. Now, dispensaries can sell any non-Colorado resident up to an ounce of cannabis (or hash!) at a time.

Naturally, that means the recreational market will grow even more. While it may not quadruple, the ability alone for people to spend more money on more weed in one quick shot should at least double the average recreational purchase–cause who doesn’t want to buy an ounce when you can?

The move could also be a good way to make sure some of these tourists don’t leave Colorado for greener pastures. Oregon has come on strong since legalization but still limits out-of-towners to quarter purchases.

With California and Nevada (among others) likely to legalize this fall, Colorado should continue to make the state looks as friendly as possible to tourists looking to blow money on weed. Because with Vegas and Los Angeles set to join the fray, real competition is coming.



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