Trump Administration Threatens “Greater Enforcement” on Recreational Weed While 71% of Americans Oppose That Enforcement

People that make a living in the cannabis industry (like this weed blogger) woke up today like this:

…Because Trump spokesman Sean Spicer said that there very well could be “greater enforcement.Because again there’s a big difference between the medical use… that’s very different from the recreational use, which is something the Department of Justice will be further looking into.” That would mean something would happen from the DEA and DOJ regarding recreational (not medical) marijuana in states that have legalized cannabis. Spicer cited the opioid crisis as a reason for enforcing federal which–yeah, loud fart noises. The Trump mouthpiece would later say to speak to the Department of Justice for more comment and that this didn’t

Almost simultaneously, news broke that a Quinnipiac poll found that 71% of Americans oppose federal enforcement on states with legal weed, 59% of Americans support all-out legalization and of course 93% of Americans support medical marijuana.

So yeah: there’s a clear disconnect between America and what’s going in the White House–or the White House is a confused mess feeding us lies and trying to scare us.

Moreover, while all of this was going down…this went down:

Translation: lets arrest more minorities for low-level pot busts and fill up our prisons with minorities to make America white again and keep our prison economy flowing with cash.

There’s a lot of hot takes on what all of this means, but here are some accurate ones:

Translation: if the federal government really, really comes after legal weed, there might be a civil war coming. When over 2/3 of a nation agrees on something and doesn’t want something, well…that’s how a revolution begins.

Here’s the thing: this all could be a decent amount of smoke and mirrors. “Greater enforcement” is a super vague term albeit a scary term.

Marijuana is a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Trump promised in his campaign to let states continue to set their own rules and regulations.

But when your President is off his rocker and your Attorney General is a weed-hating white Supremacist, there’s a little cause for concern.

Know this: we won’t stop smoking or fighting.




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