High Speed Delivers Lemonade With “LOVE”

The door-to-door service comes courtesy of HighSpeed, an online-only company that just started making deliveries in Boston and Cambridge, getting marijuana into the hands of consumers more than a year before sales are expected to be legal in the state.




On Friday, the state’s public safety agency urged district attorneys to investigate such transactions.

Massachusetts’ voter-passed pot law made growing, purchasing, possessing, and using limited amounts of marijuana legal as of Dec. 15. Sales remain forbidden until a marketplace regulated by the state begins in 2018. But giving away or transferring “without remuneration” up to 1 ounce of marijuana is legal as long as the exchange is not advertised or promoted. “The thing about HighSpeed: We’re not a marijuana company. We’re a technology startup. We’re a delivery company. And we deliver juice,” he said.




“In D.C., you can’t sell it. In Boston, in Massachusetts, you can’t sell it. But you can give cannabis as a gift, and that’s what we do,” he explained in a telephone interview.




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