TSA Says It’s OK to Fly With Your Pot Pipes

Despite recent news, TSA won’t officially let you fly with medical marijuana (but it’s pretty easy to do so). That said, TSA will definitively let you fly with a “tobacco” pipe:

Not exactly earth-shattering or new stuff here for anyone that’s flown with a bowl. One time I was flying from Los Angeles to Binghamton, NY and I forgot I had both a bowl and a boutique bread knife I got in France (it wasn’t cheap). TSA searched my bag, removed both items, put the pipe–with resin on it–back in the bag. Some lucky TSA employee walked away with a bread knife.

As for medical marijuana and TSA..let’s just say it’s a don’t ask don’t tell situation. No one would ever fly out of Denver if they stopped every tourist with a sack.



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