Update: Murder Suspect & Robber of 100 Pounds Captured By Police

One of the five California trimmers (Trimmigrants) suspected of murdering Jeffery Quinn Settler last Thursday morning in Laytonville, California has been captured.

24-year-old Zachary Ryan Wuester from New Jersey was booked in Willits California at 8:16 am this morning with bail set at $650,000. Wuester was actually captured Monday evening in Willits, which is actually in Mendocino County and not at all far from where the murder took place.

While the other four suspects remain at-large, they most likely haven’t gone too far and are hiding out in the area–which means their time is short. With the outcry from the cannabis community and attention this story has garnered, social media along with good police work should put this scum away for a long time.

Wuester, along with four other trimmer suspects suspected in the murder and theft, was an employee of Settler hired to trim his cannabis crop.

If you ever think it’s okay to steal weed from someone (let alone murder someone), think again. The karmic forces of cannabis will turn around and eff you in the ass.

[Mendo Voice]




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