“Volunteers Needed” to Smoke Marijuana for a Study

Researchers at Washington State University need our help: they need fresh lungs to smoke weed. The purpose? To see if a weed breathalyzer actually works.

To conduct the study, the researched need anyone over 21-years-old to buy some weed, smoke that weed (in his or her home), and the take a blood test/mouth swab. Thereafter the breathalyzer will check the volunteer’s THC levels.

If you want to get involved, it’s pretty simple:

The study will take place the last two weeks of May and continue through the first two weeks of June. To join the study, contact Nathan Weller at (509)-432-1943 or by email at nathan_weller@hotmail.com

The downer? If the trial goes well and the detection works, anyone with 5 nanograms of weed in Washington state can get a DUI for smoking weed.

The upper? Many DUI for cannabis cases have been dropped, as it’s virtually impossible to prove “impairment” from a joint.

Game on.



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