Weed Delivery Services are Coming to Portland, Oregon

Over half the country has medical marijuana, but almost no one outside of California can have marijuana delivered to their doorsteps. Portland, Oregon’s City Council is poised to change that glaring folly.

Last Wednesday, the City Council unanimously introduced a slew of new regulation amendments that would create “a license for delivery-only cannabis businesses.” The Council will vote on the amendments this week and is expected to adopt this delivery law.

The law would make it easier for small businesses to thrive in a legal market and also make Oregon the first legal state to truly embrace cannabis delivery:

The City Council voted unanimously on the courier change and other amendments, billed in city documents as a way “to increase the opportunity” for “microbusiness entrepreneurs” hoping to break into the marijuana market. [Oregon Live]

Pot delivery along with pot cafes are one of the major social issues facing America’s legal marijuana market. New York City has had a thriving delivery service (while illegal) for decades–and that seems to be working just fine.

Having a courier deliver legal or medical weed with those in need of cannabis and without a mode of transportation seems like a no brainer–and hopefully other states follow suit.

Imagine your 90-year-old grandpa. The only thing that keeps his arthritic bones from aching is a cannabis cream or lotion–or maybe even some edibles. But he’s too old to drive and his nurse can’t simply buy him weed all the time. Not allowing that type of consumer the option of delivery is flat-out bananas.

Yes, there are issues with delivery services because some people think it’s sketchy letting someone into your home to deliver drugs (yeah, it kind of is). Still, the positives far outweigh the minimal negatives here.

It’s 2016. You can get beer or condoms or Oreos delivered to your doorsteps in minute. Legal weed in legal states should soon join that list.



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