“Weed Made” This Teen Rugby Player Cut His Dick Off

So this Rugby player pulling a Lorena Bobbit on himself is some pretty sad/scary stuff. A teen rugby player, literally went into a frantic rage at night, attacked his mom, and then logically cut his own penis off–and his dad is blaming it on his weed habit.

The kid survived, spent time in a mental hospital, spent two years in jail, and has since had his weiner re-attached thanks to multiple surgeries. Now, the kid’s dad, some chad named “Nick”, is blaming good old weed for the dick removal:

Nick, speaking for the first time in an interview with Radio Five Live, said his son, a county rugby player, started smoking “weed” when he was around sixteen and a half before switching to skunk because of “boredom”.

“Weed” means mids or Beasters in England. “Skunk” means headies or high grade stuff overseas. The dad is saying the Skunk was so strong it made him go crazy:

That was the beginning of what Nick said his son would describe as “two and a half years of hell” which culminated in a psychotic episode.

The article fails to mention what other drugs this kid was taking, but admits he was drinking and likely on drugs. Instead, they blame it all on weed:

His son went from a “very bright, bubbly lad” to a “waste of space”. The teenager became delusional and paranoid, including sleeping “with a tennis racket in his bed because he thought people were living in the walls”. [Telegraph]

Yeah, unless you’re already clinically insane, you don’t sleep with a tennis racket cause people are living in the walls from smoking a little weed. That’s the kind of behavior in meth-addicts, people on way too much acid, or dope fiends–not a stoner.

Moreover, the kid doesn’t even remember what happened and is probably on so much Lithium right now that he can’t even think. The kid clearly had/has issues, but those issues weren’t brought to light by smoking some UK Cheese.

It’s just more reefer madness, and part of a larger campaign in the UK from Lord Monson to make the SKUNK a Class A drug and to decriminalize weed.

Yes, they want schwag legal, and headies illegal, essentially. Cause that makes sense.



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