Weed Thieves in a Black Pickup are Robbing Denver’s Grows

Image via The Denver Channel

Marijuana is still very much a cash business even in legal Denver land. For the scumbag thieves out there, that means dispensaries and grows are pretty much the most enticing places to rob.

And when the weather heats up in Denver, sadly so does the weed-related crime. There have been (according to my sources), at least seven grow robberies in the last couple of weeks, and a recent dispensary robbery left a security guard (and former marine) dead Saturday night.

The second most shocking incident occurred at Denver giant Sweet Leaf’s grow–twice in four days. The same robbers in what looks like a black Dodge pickup truck equipped with rims hit the grow twice.

My sources in the industry tell me that the first time they went into the grow, they jacked some bud–but more importantly, thought they robbed the grow’s entire security system. That break-in took 20 minutes and they beat the cops.

On the second break-in, they stole way more weed and did it all under a four-minute span. Fortunately, they had not stolen all of the grow’s surveillance equipment and were caught on camera:

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 1.06.45 PM

Clearly, this is a pretty sophisticated (or at least organized) grow and perhaps one that may have had some help from the inside. Dispensary employees are not the best paid, and it’s more than possible that a disgruntled employee or electrician could be helping from the inside.

But apparently this pickup has been making the robbery rounds for a minute now, and this exact black pickup truck has been seen on the scene of recent grow robberies. You’d think that these robbers probably have already ditched the truck and will lay low after this recent haul.

Still, if you recognize either of these faces, do what’s right and call these punks out. The cannabis community needs to eliminate this type of scum that robs from our legal grows.

Trying to make it in a very competitive, highly taxed industry is tough enough without having to deal with a bunch of thieves too dishonest to do real work. And it gives us all a bad name.

Weed is a beautiful, medicinal plant that’s meant to be shared–not pillaged and raped for personal gain.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP.



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