What To Watch This 4/20

Looking forward to smoking up and leaning back on Thursday? Grab some pizza and celebrate 4/20 with these weed-related TV shows:

Fuck, That’s Delicious

Action Bronson’s uproariously funny food and travel show—Parts Unknown for the hip hop generation—will air a special weed-themed episode (aren’t they all weed-themed though?) at 10pm est on 4/20. The episode will be a “food extravaganza” through New York City, during which Bronson will explore the history of the weed holiday.


The third season of the Viceland news show, hosted by Krishna Andavolu, will premiere on 4/19 at 10pm est and will be available in part online thereafter. The season’s first episode will cover the impact of the war and the rhetoric of President Trump on immigrants in America.

South Park 

To celebrate 4/20, South Park will be airing one of its most infamous weed-themed episodes, “Medicinal Fried Chicken (this one) at 8pm est.

Desus and Mero (All Week Long)

The late-night talk show will relocate to LA—a city gearing up to celebrate it’s first 4/20 with legal recreational marijuana—for a week of weed-focused shows featuring appearances by Rae Sremmurd, Jerrod Carmichael of The Carmichael Show, Blackish star Anthony Anderson, and actress Aubrey Plaza. Catch the guys every night this week at 11pm EST.

Grow House

Feel like leaving the house? Grow House, a new marijuana comedy featuring Snoop Dogg, Lil Duval and Deray Davis will hit theaters on Thursday. Take an Uber (don’t drive) to the nearest theater to watch two buddies attempt to transform a suburban house into a large marijuana farm.




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