Woman Growing Weed Calls Cops on Herself, Gets Arrested

There is only one rule when it comes to growing weed: avoid, at all costs, anything that will result in the 5-0 entering your home.

Yes, that includes calling the cops to protect you from someone you think might hurt you. A woman in Wendell, North Carolina got in a domestic dispute with her wife and called the cops to protect her.

The cops showed to her door, smelled weed, found 13 plants, and promptly arrested her. To throw some urine on top of her shit sundae, she also lives within 1,000 feet of a school–so she was charged with a felony.

Here’s how that shook out:

She showed them marijuana and a pipe in the living room and was given a citation for having them. Later, Browning gave Gill permission to search a bedroom, Loy said in the application.

In the bedroom, he wrote, the marijuana smell was stronger, and Browning let the officers search in a closet and then unlocked a panel that led to a room behind the closet.

Police saw the plants and grow lights, arrested Browning at 1 a.m. and applied for the search warrant, Loy said.

An inventory attached to the warrant when it was returned to the court clerk’s office after the search included the 13 plants, a cultivation guide, lights, a power supply, a growing plan and a copy of “High Times” magazine. Police said the plants were in various stages of growth and curing, and that they also seized a ventilation system. [News Observer]

It’s virtually impossible to get caught growing weed if you own the house and filter the smell properly…unless you dial 911 or the neighbors do.
If you ever find yourself in this situation (I kind of have), you have basically three options: hire some muscle, get a restraining order, or man up and take care of it yourself.



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