c99 x The White Live Resin Dab Review from Natural Remedies

Flavor/Genetics: Cinderella 99 x the White Live Resin

Grown By: Mr. Dank Natural Remedies

Available At: Natural Remedies

Extracted by: Concentrate Remedies

Introduction: Anything crossed with The White is going to be an insanely potent hashplant. The Cinderella 99 compliments The White perfectly making a strain that pumps out some of the greatest hash on the planet. There is no wonder that this strain has multiple awards: it is fuego! A strain that has been circulating Colorado for the past couple of years, made famous by Natural Remedies’ rendition of the strain and grown by Mr. Dank, this is some cup winning live resin that will give you a Draymond Green kick to the chin.

Appearance: This live looks something similar to the canary diamonds Killa Cam likes to rock. Lemonhead yellow in color, this live resin looks insane and the salts and juice are both heavy in this one. Large sugar crystals coated in juicy terps. This fire concentrate looks like it came from another planet! 9/10

Flavor/Smell: Imagine the scent of fresh blueberry scones right out of the oven with covered in vanilla icing. Very fruity and accompanied by a sweet creamy yogurt fragrance that transfers beautifully into the taste. The inhale is super fruity and creamy with a sweet berry flavor coating your mouth as you exhale. When smoked this resin will reek up the room just like it smells. 9/10

Effect: Headrush upon exhaling which transitioned into a nice soaring high with a mild body stone. Very heady, this live resin is a thinker, and will leave you in deep concentration. Get lots of snacks ready, The Cinderella 99 x The White will turn you into a hungry , fridge clearing zombie before midnight. 10/10

Conclusion: Everything you could ask for when it comes to live resin. The taste is awesome and lingers on your breath. The scent is bananas and the potency is mad proper. Concentrate Remedies hit another one out the park with this one. 9/10



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