New Strain Alert: Mystical Cookies from The Herbal Cure

The Herbal Cure has fast become one of (if not the) best dispensary in Denver–in large part thanks to their incredible line of genetics. While their Dosidos is a well-known gem, the Mystical Cookies is the newest gal in town and she’s quickly become the belle of social media. As you can see above, it’s an eye-popping strain that looks like it was created on Mars.

Genetics: Animal Cookies x Blissful Wizard

Type: Indica

Breeder: Dank by Pank

Description: “There’s a Natural Mystic flowing through our Mystical Cookies or “space weed” that will take you to another dimension. Cookies collide for a full-bodied, creamy cross that could turn Lance Armstrong into a couch potato. Small and tight fingernail conal nuggets provide the bud’s dense structure. Coated in kief and looking like natural moonrocks, a streak of Broncos blue twirls around the bud like a ribbon dancer. Almost imperceptible orange hairs poke through the crystals to create an amber layer. While Mystical Cookies cannabis strain looks like a lingering black and blue bruise, there is nothing brittle about this strain’s effect. A strong Indica, Mystical Cookies provides an all-encompassing high that lets you forget your pain. Dieters beware: another kind of cookie jar awaits.”

The only downside (besides its effect) to the Mystical Cookies? The small-batch strain only comes around when its cycle allows it to–and that hasn’t been for a couple months. Hopefully The Herbal Cure takes a cue from this notice and starts pumping this one into a more regular rotation.

New Strain Alert: DOLATO #9 From In House Genetics

New genetics are exciting. And maybe the most exciting thing about new genes is the unknown: like a first round NFL draft pick, you don’t know exactly what’s going to come out of that pack. From the time a seed goes on sale, there’s at least a three month–and typically far longer–span before you even see that seed become a flower (on social media). But when the seed blossoms and flowers and gets to the finish line, that’s when we know if we’ve got a Hall of Famer or a flop.

DOLATO, a cross between DoSiDos and Gelato (by In House Seeds) looks like a Hall of Famer. This version, DOLATO #9 (pheno 9), was popped by 710 Labs in Colorado and photographed by Fill Your Eyes:

Before this strain, I was pretty unfamiliar with In House Seeds; clearly, they’re doing big things. Expect this fire to turn into hash sometime soon. The smell is pure cookie funk and should be kept in the rotation for quite some time. Can’t wait to smoke her!

White Weed: How This Pot Plant Turned Albino

The horror! The horror! It’s Frieday the 13th so we hope you’re smoking scary amounts of weed. And here’s a pretty shocking shot of Mary Jane like you’ve never seen her before.

This picture of the Agent Orange (Orange Velvet x Jack the Ripper) via the AllGreens Denver dispensary grown by MissGreenThumb has gone pretty viral thanks to, well, just check it out:

Yes, it’s definitely the most (and only) albino weed I’ve ever seen. But it’s definitely not White Widow, and it’s definitely not grown in New York’s gutters. As MissGreenThumb points out in the caption, it’s simply a flower that got a little too much light and thus got light bleached .

Naturally, this isn’t the normal or correct representation of the Agent Orange strain. But it’s certainly one amazing, unintentional accent that accentuates just how miraculous and beautiful the cannabis plant can be. So I’m very glad this happened and now wonder how different genetics react to too much light.

I also wonder how this light bleached strain smokes and how the bleach affects its THC content and burn cause I’ve truly never seen anything like this in the 15+ years I’ve smoked herb.


Strain Review: Weedland’s Purple Unicorn

Grown By: Weedland

Genetics:  A mix of Girl Scout Cookies, OG Kush, and Gorilla Glue #4 (exact breeding sequence is unknown)

Available At: The Weedland Collective

Appearance: It is very few and far between that a batch of weed will make me want to grab it purely off of physical aesthetics alone. Well boys and girls, this is certainly one of those times. The nugs contain a brilliant lime green with pinks and purples thrown in for good measure. That’s only if you can see the actual calyxes. These nugs are drenched in trichomes. I haven’t seen a more resinous strain since the Glue first came around, and I feel that the Purple Unicorn wins the competition on resin production.  10/10


Flavor/Smell: Once I cracked the jar I noticed a very subtle, unassuming aroma of food. The Purple Unicorn has such a complex terpene profile that I feel most smokers may not even be able to understand nor appreciate it. The 3 strains that were used to breed this girl all played a part in adding to the flavor and its literally undescribable. At times you can taste the Glue coming through, Or cookies, sometimes OG. Its really a pleasure and an experience to smoke this girl.     10/10

Effect: The Purple Unicorn lives up to its name in the realest sense. Instantly lifting you off into a dream land, but a cognitive dream land. About 30 minutes after a joint the Gorilla Glue and OG start to lend to the effect and you feel a bottom end that blends seamlessly with that first burst of energy and euphoria. The high lasts forever, which is something to be said for today.     10/10

Feature IMAGE!

Conclusion: I’m pretty sure that I have never given a strain a 10 all across the board in all categories before, but this is the most deserving to date, that’s for sure. When I was first told about the Purple Unicorn, all that I was told was that it was “ASAP Rocky’s new favorite strain”, which already had me not liking it due to the hype factor behind it. I was definitely proved wrong, and I gotta give it up to ASAP Rocky for appreciating a fire ass smoke the Unicorn!

Overall: 10/10

-PermedOutDabs Instagram

Strain Review: Walter White OG

Grown By: Green Light District

Lineage: OG Kush x The White (Possibly)

Available At: GLD (Torrance, CA)

Appearance: I am absolutely impressed with the overall looks of this strain. Once the jar is cracked the Walter White announces itself loudly, whether you like it or not. Just a single gram in my pocket while at the grocery store turned a few heads. The buds are dripping with trichomes with no visible signs of pests or mold. I also haven’t seen bud cured like this at a dispensary in a very long time. A textbook specimen.  10/10

Flavor/Smell: For looking and smelling like an OG dominant plant she sure throws some hashy undertones that when paired with the classic OG taste creates a very smooth, pleasant, and flavorful smoke.   7/10

Effect: Walter White OG has absolutely blown me away. As of lately, I personally haven’t found a strain available to the public at a dispensary with such raw potency. A half gram joint was enough for me to understand the full effects and experience of the Walter White OG. If anyone needs a fast acting, hard hitting indica dominant strain, this will be a step in the right direction.    10/10

Conclusion: It’s hard to explain how amazing this strain really is. Its extreme potency and its smooth and subtle taste make this a very dangerous girl to smoke. I saw a small joint of this stuff induce a major panic in a non-smoker over the weekend. The shit is just some serious ass smoke. There’s really no other way to put it.

Overall: 9/10

-PermedOutDabs Instagram


Lucky Charms Marijuana Strain Review

It’s St. Paddy’s Day so we copped some of the hot new marijuana strain Lucky Charms and got highrish because what’s better to do? A clear ode to the Irish luck and the stoner cereal of choice, the Lucky Charms have arrived in the strain0sphere and seem poised to stick around. Here’s a little base information on the strain du jour:

Breeder: Bodhi Seeds

Found At: Kind Love Colorado

AKA: “Pot of Gold”

Genetics: The White x Appalachia (Green Crack x Tres Stardawg)

Type: Hybrid

Aesthetic: As you can see, these flowers are some of the most bodacious, beautiful, and caked ones I’ve seen under a microscope. The trichome coverage is borderline ostentatious and the shiny green coat of leaf is absolutely majestic, as the strain’s The White genetics really shine through:

And here’s how she smokes:

Effect: Average. If you’re a heavy medicator like me, you can smoke this strain pretty all day and all night without getting too foggy or burnt out. Very functioning, very clear, and very pleasant. While there’s no rush or insanely medical aspect, the Lucky Charms strain definitely contains a full-bodied Hybrid vibe.

Flavors: Need to smoke again out of a clean pipe but the Lucky Charms have very sweet and soury taste. Bodhi is basically spot on when he notes that the strain has a “hashy marshmallow chemy fruity funk”. Like the cereal,

Conclusion: A pleasant strain worth sampling but fool’s gold for the true heads in search of a more intense stone. The strain truly looks like a 10 but smokes more like a 7. She’s kind of like a Kardashian without makeup once you puff her. Looks insanely good to the untrained eye, but once you get to know more about her, she’s just not that hot. Still, overall, the Lucky Charms strain is a fresh and ambitious cross that pays fair homage to The White but doesn’t contain that potency.

Photos by Shea