New Strain Alert: Mystical Cookies from The Herbal Cure

The Herbal Cure has fast become one of (if not the) best dispensary in Denver–in large part thanks to their incredible line of genetics. While their Dosidos is a well-known gem, the Mystical Cookies is the newest gal in town and she’s quickly become the belle of social media. As you can see above, it’s an eye-popping strain that looks like it was created on Mars.

Genetics: Animal Cookies x Blissful Wizard

Type: Indica

Breeder: Dank by Pank

Description: “There’s a Natural Mystic flowing through our Mystical Cookies or “space weed” that will take you to another dimension. Cookies collide for a full-bodied, creamy cross that could turn Lance Armstrong into a couch potato. Small and tight fingernail conal nuggets provide the bud’s dense structure. Coated in kief and looking like natural moonrocks, a streak of Broncos blue twirls around the bud like a ribbon dancer. Almost imperceptible orange hairs poke through the crystals to create an amber layer. While Mystical Cookies cannabis strain looks like a lingering black and blue bruise, there is nothing brittle about this strain’s effect. A strong Indica, Mystical Cookies provides an all-encompassing high that lets you forget your pain. Dieters beware: another kind of cookie jar awaits.”

The only downside (besides its effect) to the Mystical Cookies? The small-batch strain only comes around when its cycle allows it to–and that hasn’t been for a couple months. Hopefully The Herbal Cure takes a cue from this notice and starts pumping this one into a more regular rotation.



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