Listen to Devin The Dude’s New Song “Please Pass That To Me”

“Please Pass That To Me” is a new record brought to you exclusively by Texas native and Hip-Hop legend, Devin The Dude. Devin is touring overseas selling out shows and preparing to drop his new album tomorrow titled Acoustic Levitation. Listen to “Please Pass That To Me” below.


Smoke 2 This: Devin the Dude – “I’m Just Getting Blowed”

Devin The Dude takes the DIY approach and literally takes flight in the video for “I’m Just Gettin’ Blowed” from his One For The Road LP, presented by Flight 420 Films. The video for the track produced by Tha Bizness follows the release of the project, which dropped in 2013. Watch the video below and you know what to do.

Smoke 2 This: Devin the Dude – “A Lil’ Marijuana”

Houston veteran, Devin The Dude can more or less be considered a godfather of weed raps. Marijuana has been a major influence in the career of Devin The Dude, if not the ONLY influence. Today we take it back a few years to 2011. “A Lil Marijuana” is an ode to our beloved herb.

Spark up & vibe:

Smoke 2 This: Devin the Dude – Smoking Dat Weed

 smokin tht weed feelin fine got me a forty & fat ass dime …pretty much sums up a beautiful day 


Smoke 2 This: Smoke DZA – Marley & Me Remix feat. Devin The Dude, Curren$y, & Asher Roth-

Smoke Dza

 very legendary video for NYC pot culture n hiphop we had mad fun shooting this video 


Smoke 2 This: Devin the Dude – Lacville ’79

Devin the dude

This is 1 of my favorite videos of all time, some real stoner everyday shit doobie in the ear just ridin… girls pushing cars n shit classic video 

-Jonny Shipes

Smoke 2 This: Hi-Tek – So Tired feat. Bun B, Devin the Dude, Pretty Ugly & Dion


This is 1 of my favorite albums I ever worked on , i remember getting this record done w hi-Tek we had Bun & Devin verses & we needed a 3rd verse , I was always a big fan of Pretty Ugly who is dead nice from Philly….the rest is history 

-Jonny Shipes

Smoke 2 This: Devin the Dude – We Get High

Devin the Dude

Devin the Dude is a fuckin legend in more ways then 1, I remember 1 time he called me from the airport stranded in NYC.  He  had missed his flight connecting from overseas because he was detained for a roach LOL. We got high as fuck that night I think that was the night him & Cuzzin Todd 1st met hahaha. See the episode below.

Good Talk,

Jonny Shipes


Devin The Dude freestyle 101

Smokers Club veteran Devin The Dude is another 2013 Smokers Club twitter favorite pick right about now…

4:20 Mu$ic – Cory Mo, Devin The Dude, & Slim Thug – “Wut Tha Fuk”

We’re counting down for this movie to drop. It’s about that time to toke up…

Devin the Dude ft. Coughee Brothaz – “We Get High” (Official Video)

We’re blowing smoke & rollin doobies up to this new Devin video. It’s gonna be a smoked out fest when the new movie premieres. Who’s gonna see it?

4:20 Mu$ic – Big K.R.I.T. (feat. Devin The Dude) – “Hydroplaning”

Where the weed at? It’s time to toke up to long time Smokers Clun alumni Big Krizzle. For his debut album Big K.R.I.T. teamed with another country cousin Devin The Dude on this featured track. They both keep it real smooth on this single so let the chronic burn and vibe out… Live From The Undergroud is OUT NOW! (GET IT HERE)