Redman Invited Obama to Smoke a Blunt of AJ Sour Diesel With Him

President BHO strolled thru New Jersey yesterday to give a graduation speech at Rutgers and hopefully kick Chris Christie in the nuts (if he could find them). In honor of this trip, New Jersey’s finest rapper Reggie Noble asked the chill president if he’d like to get down on a bud-filled Dutch of the Beast Coast’s finest flavor:

I wonder if #OBAMA will smoke a blunt with me when he comes to #Jersey tomorrow how about some #AJSourDiesel

Posted by Redman on Saturday, May 14, 2016

Obama has yet to respond. But given his recent pot joke and the finish line on his presidency in sight, it wouldn’t be shocking to see this offer fulfilled at some point.

Seriously. If there’s ever any former president to turn into a stoner rasta who gives zero fucks and starts blazing with rappers, it’s definitely Barry O.

New Joint: Hoddy, the Young Jedi – TIMBS66 (@hoddyBASE)

New Jersey’s own, Hoddy, the Young Jedi is back and more aggressive than you ever seen him. TIMBS is an acronym for This Isn’t More Bull Shit and HOD drives that point home. With a very goth/punk aesthetic yet a flow and energy that is indicative of growing up in the tristate area. This video left a huge impression on me, so I had to share it with you readers on The Smokers Club. Being that he’s from New Jersey I wonder if this whole “ROJO” campaign Hoddy is on is somehow inspired by Redman’s earlier work. Hmmm, whatever the case, pay attention and show the kid from Jersey some love.

Redman Says: How High Part 2 Will Definitely Happen

Half Baked 2. Zoolander 2Pineapple Express 2. Super Troopers 2. Grandpa’s Boy. The Big Lebowski sequel (that will never happen). And of course: How High 2. These are thee stoner-friendly sequels the world of weed anxiously awaits and needs. While both Zoolander 2 and Super Troopers 2 appear imminent, the rest appear to be pipe dreams.

Since it’s been almost 15 years since Red and Meth treated us to the stoner cult classic How High, fans had justly lost hope of a sequel ever happening. Fortunately, as Redman told a crowd at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas Saturday night, this pipe dream will turn to Caviar Gold.

Towards the end of his #SWSWtaekover set (and this is hazy), Redman paused the show to tell the crowd something like this:

“I’ve got some good news for y’all: How High Part 2 is going to happen!”

Redman aka Reggie Noble kept the details vague, but he sounded confident the movie will happen. In search of more info (like when) I ran into Red about 15 minutes later after he was done performing and stopped him for a quick chat that went like this:

Me: “Hey Red big fan. So How High 2. Really?”

Red (laughing): “Yeaaaaa.”

Me: “What’s the plot–are you getting your PHD in dabs?”

Red: (laughing some more) “We’ll see!”

Of course, unbeknownst to me at the time, Redman already wrote an initial script/storyboard for How High 2 a year ago. And he said this about the project:

“I wrote that shit on February 9, 2014, the storyboard, plot summary,” Redman says. “I can’t even show y’all that right now. Our ideas was the first How High, from movies that we liked and our ideas so come on, that shit is right here just to let y’all know I don’t play no games. The High How 2, hopefully we could do that under Universal, if not, we gonna do our own movie under our own shit and it will be heavily marijuana related.”

The film industry is wrought with politics, so while I have faith in Red’s words, the film might be a ways away. Universal owns the rights, and thus ultimately gets to green or red light any project–and this decision is typically based on whether or not a film can make Universal money.

Given How High‘s cult following, Redman’s announcement, and the growing acceptance of marijuana in the media, now would seem like the right time for Universal to capitalize on this sequel. And if not? Well, it sounds like Red and Meth are going to make it happen one way or another.

As for the film’s potential plot, the possibilities are endless. While I’d love to see Meth and Red migrate to dabs and learn some real science, odds are they’ll stick to the highjinks and keep it mainstream friendly (aka no torches!).

Since I’m not sure if either Silas or Jamal (their characters in the original) ever graduated freshman year let along college, perhaps they’ll be stuck in a senior year slump searching for jobs.

Or perhaps they’ll be the professors and they’ll be teaching a class on “How to Get High For a Living.” Because that’s what they do all day every day.

Or perhaps they’ll launch the clothing line BUFU while in school and turn into a worldwide force a la Zuckerberg in The Social Network.


Smokin & Jokin: Redman – My Life As A Pot Dealer


Some of Redman’s stories as a weed dealer are funny as shit.

Smoke 2 This: Redman – Tonights Da Night

Tonights da night

This was my shit growing up I literally remember tryin 2 smoke a pound of weed to Redman albums in 1 session. Very excited to have him & Method Man on the tour this year get your vip tickets here.

Smoke 2 This: Redman – Bud Like You

Bud Like You

What better way to get hyped for the 2014 Smokers Club World Wide Rollers Tour than to smoke to this Redman remix of the Usher track “Good Kisser” – after all, Red is headlining the tour this year!  This track, Bud Like You, features the trademark hilarious Redman lyrics we’ve come to expect: “Your dealer is a liar, because he don’t ever have the fire, he always talk reckless on the wire..”

Redman – White People Are Rioting (Official Video)

Redman is stil killin the rap game. The smoking veteran shows these youngins how to spit on this new Eric Sermon-produced joint.

420 Mu$ic – Redman – “Smoke Buddah”

This was that real 4:20 shit back in the day. Redman’s been rappin about weed for forever! So all these new dudes coming in da game just remember Redman’s been doing it since day 1! Roll one up & smoke on to “Smoke Buddah”. Heard he’s dropping a new project too so be on the lookout.

Redman – ‘Drake In My Cup’

Smokers veteran Redman surprised us when he dropped another freestyle over Kirko Bangz ‘Drank In My Cup.’ Maybe it’s too early to tell but this could be a preview of a potential album coming soon. If so, it would make everyone within The Smokers Club very proud…to roll one up.

Redman – “Sourdeezal (Official Video)”

“I smoke purp to the haze. I smoke haze to the cheeze. Smoke cheeze to the kush. Smoke kush to the sourdeezal and I ain’t feeling anythang!”
– Redman

Hip-Hop Portrait Sketch Of The Day: Redman

I stumbled upon this dope pencil sketch online the other day. It was pretty amazing how the sketch artist was able to really capture the details of the famed rapper, Redman. There’s many more sketches of famous MCs that we will be dropping everyday for the next two weeks. The work is done by Australian sketch artist, Mark563.

Redman ft. Runt Dawg – “Zip Lock”

It seems like everybody’s making a comeback today being that it’s 4/20. Redman & Runt Dawg teamed up to create their own version of Dead Prez’s classic “Hip-hop” track and give us “Zip Lock.”