Can You Receive An Organ Transplant If You Light Up?

Stigmas are tough to overcome. In this case it has directly effected our ability as a society to save lives. The U.S. Department of Health develops a set of requirements for organ donor’s based off age, smoking history and previous health records. However this criteria is outdated by thirty years.

The fact is that over a six year period over 300 subjects were observed, both receiving lung transplant from non cannabis using donors and cannabis using donors. A history of smoking cannabis did not effect the survival rate of the patient receiving the transplant. The unwillingness to accept the facts and succumb to the stigma has kept Medical Marijuanaa large number of potential donors off the list. Because cannabis is a schedule one drug, the U.S. Department of Health has compartmentalized it as such.

Studies have shown that there is no significant difference between cannabis users and the lungs of non cannabis users. It simply comes down to an outdated stigma. A conservative agenda and set of requirements that was developed over 30 years ago should have no baring on a persons right to live. The rescheduling of cannabis from a class one narcotic is the first step in allowing scientific research on federal level. Until this misplaced stigma is removed many people who could benefit from organ transplants must wait.

Terps: Thats why it tastes so good!

Cannabis has always been broken into two molecular categories, THC and CBD. Both have variations within them such as CBN and THCa. Now we have discovered a third party molecule, which gives your bud its potent and distinct aroma. Terpenes and Terpenoids secrete the essential oils from that give all strains of cannabis their pungent, sweet, earthy taste and aroma.

   The Terpene molecule creates the amazing smell’s coming from your buddies green house. Cannabis has such a distinct smell and taste from strain to strain, that it was only a matter of time before terpenoid profiles started being explored. Below is a Terpene reference key by www.leafly.comTErp KEY

It shows the six different terpene profiles. Limonene for example gives Sour D and Trainwreck its distinct citrus taste and aroma. Strains like OG Kush and Romulan get their distinct piny aroma from the Pinene terpene. The Myrcene terpene gives Grandaddy Purp and Northern Lights their musky, herbal profiles. All in all there are six terpene profiles found in cannabis.

terp breakdown  We are now starting to discover the effects terpenes have on our cannabinoid receptors. New companies and official testing labs are staring to map out terpenes and terpenoid profiles. This will allow breeders & Cultivators endless possibilities when it comes to predicting and manipulating cannabis strains. This is ability to target and identify which terpenes help with which conditions is the next step in unlocking the potential for cannabis’s wide range of healing properties. Discovering the power of targeted cannabis terpenes and the individual healing properties they provide, are the next steps in our green revolution.

Whack Mom Flushes Son’s Weed Down the Toilet

I’ve heard a lot of people say their mom or dad flushed their weed down the toilet. It’s the adult version of getting your mouth washed out with soap. There’s nothing funny about it if it’s actually happening to you.

But to see someone else’s mom flush what looks like a zip of some gas down the toilet? Straight comedy:

Wtf clip of the day lmao

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Bruvvvv…Condolences indeed. Not sure what triggered that, but if your mom aint down with green, you gota keep it low key.

Fortunately my parents’ only rule was “don’t smoke weed in the house.” I broke that rule regularly.

Smokin N Jokin: Are You Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse?

Aww poor Millicent, her brothers didn’t have to torture her like this. Millicent is such a dope name by the way, reminds me of some Olde English royalty name. Whatever the case, what do you guys think happens when a sister who is fresh out of getting her wisdom teeth pulled is whisked away on a journey by her brothers. Her brothers convince her that there’s a zombie apocalypse underway and they must be prepared to defend themselves while they’re on the road to Mexico to meet their father. Her replies and reactions are priceless, there’s way too much comedic timing in this video for me to believe that she sincerely didn’t know they were joshing. Yet, the video is still hilarious and you should probably check it out.

Smokin & Jokin: MMA Celebration Fail (Video)

There was nothing special about this MMA bout between Akihito Hara & Toshikatsu “Toshi” Harada. That was until after the fight when, Toshi tried to show out and failed miserably. He climbs on the cage, standing on top of it he tries to do a backflip. He lands flat on his back. Even the losing fighter is already up and checks if the winner is OK. Watch below.

When Elected President, Waka Flocka Flame Would Immediately Legalize Weed

Waka Flocka Flame is seriously running for president. While clearly somewhat of a joke, Waka stuck to his word and is both “officially” running for the Green House and selling shirts preaching his only message that matters:

“I’m very pleased to announce… I will be running for President. And the first thing i’m gonna do when I get in office, is legalize marijuana. Buy this shirt. Vote. Peace.”- Waka

Naturally, throughout his announcement, Waka rolls up on Presidential Kush and explains that “a blunt a day takes pain away.” Waka would also prevent dogs and all animals from entering restaurants, disallow people with over-sized feet from walking on the street, and “teaching kids more reality”:

And he won’t ever wear a suit when he goes to meetings–because “that’s fucking aggravating.” Instead, he’ll be rolling one up, drinking a coffee, raising minimum wage, and tell congress to F themselves.

Stunts like this one and Waka’s blunt-roller tryout stunt both give the rapper organic, ingenious reach and keep his people severely entertained. While Hillary Clinton is the likelier winner in the 2016 race, Waka is officially the people’s champ and presents a message that Clinton should adopt:

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 10.48.15 AM

A president hasn’t worn hair this long since Thomas Jefferson was pimpin in the early 19th century, making Waka a long-shot. If celebrities actually could run the country, who would be your choice?

Watch These Former Cops Smoke Weed

In honor of 4/20, Cut released a video of three former policemen smoking marijuana out of bong and really enjoying their high. Further proof that all walks of life smoke up–even former pigs–the video shows the harmless, jovial effect of weed on more senior members of society:

The burning question: do employed cops burn a bowl after a day’s work?

Dave Chappelle Smoked a Joint on Stage With a Marine

Dave Chappelle is the best comedian alive–and he knows it. Last night at Comedy Works in Denver, Dave asked the crowd if he could have his “Kanye Moment.” We obliged.

That led to Dave telling the crowd what we all pretty much know: “I hate to say it folks. But I’m the best there is right now. I’m still the best.” That may be a slight paraphrase, but for a solid 2-3 minutes straight, Chappelle explained to the crowd that he’s been through the Hollywood grinder and back, and he’s still better than all these “YouTube up-and-comers.”

After his performance last night, I can reaffirm this fact. Throughout his loose and very medicated performance, Dave not only pulled a Kanye, but he continually brought the heat and sometimes vicious jabs at the crowd.

And of course, lots of marijuana references. Because Dave loves his weed:


The performance started with an ode to Colorado’s legal weed that went something like this: “y’all never shoulda legalized this shit–I’ve been fucked up all day!” The weed jokes didn’t stop there, nor did the highjinks, the haterade, and the laughter.

When he wasn’t making jokes about legal reefer or Michael Jackson time traveling (more on that later), he performed a pretty righteous act of humanity. Dave launched into a bit about American Sniper. Towards the end of this bit, Dave asked the crowd if anyone in the audience was a veteran.

One young man in the back of the audience spoke out, and Dave called him to the stage. Upon finding out that he was a marine, Dave thanked him for his service and also made some forgettable jokes about the army. Then, Dave asked the ex-marine if he wanted to get high. And of course, the chill marine obliged.

Which led to Dave stating “guess he’s no longer in service!” The crowd cheered as the two sat on the stage and shared a joint. The joint went around the crowd, and Dave proved that when you boil it down, he’s a pretty freaking awesome guy.

Aside from the weed, Chappelle was in rare, vintage form, throwing out barbs and jabs like he still has something to play for. Here were some of the best that I can recall (and loose quotes, cause no recorders allowed):

On Religion and Music: “Christians are the Whitney Houston of religion. They want to be good…but you know…and Jews are the Jay Z of religion: money, cash, hoes!!!”

On Time Travel: “Michael Jackson traveled back to Egypt, saw all the statues, and was like ‘these are so beautiful–let’s chop off all their noses'” (in a very on point voice imitation of MJ).

On His Crowd’s Skin Color: “It’s great that I have such a white crowd–I know I’ll be able to put food on my family’s table. Katt Williams must be sweatin bullets!” (there were six black people at the show–Dave counted them)

On an audience member’s name: “J-Mo? I’ll take ‘Names Black People Will Never Have” for $1,000!”

I intentionally left out a couple of Dave’s best bits from the show, because hopefully he’ll be hitting your town soon. And there was plenty more good stuff. Sure, the show was at times random, at times disconnected (towards the end), and at times, Dave appeared extremely high. But all told, Dave delivered a ton of laughs, an amazing show, and another night his crowd won’t ever forget.

Which isn’t surprsing, since Denver is Dave’s favorite city to visit, and Comedy Works is one of his favorite places to perform. Which is even better for us stoners out here–cause he’ll be back for a Stevie Wonder concert in just two weeks.

Which led Dave to ask the crowd if we’d still like his music if Stevie could see us.

Smokin N Jokin: Just Smoke It


Smokin N Jokin: MUST-WATCH (VIDEO)

this shit is fucked up but funny @ the same time i thin i may have tried 2 snuff that lil girl if it was me in the elevator lol. Shouts out 2 @bigsant 4 sendin this 2 me. GoodTalk – Jonnyshipes

Smokin N Jokin: Bynum’s hair?!

what the fuck r u doin Bynum? lookin like the black shaggy – Jonnyshipes #Goodtalk

Smokin N Jokin: Why MTV Doesn’t Play Music Videos Anymore (VIDEO)

This ish is too funny! Shouts to this dude in the video keeping it real. Ain’t nobody watching music videos on MTV. Psh, thank God for YouTube!