Strain Of The Day: Casey Jones

Casey Jones

We’re sure you’re all familiar with a girl named Molly, but today its time to meet Casey…Casey Jones. This sativa is caked with trichromes on its surface and covered with deep red hairs throughout the bud. Casey Jones has a strong citrus smell and taste to it, a perfect combo for your “kush & oj” wake and bake sesh. It’s a killer strain to start your day off with, featuring a very heady, buzzy, talkative high. You know that weed that Katt Williams talks about in his stand-up? “This weed is Death, nigga?,” well this is what he was talking about. Grab that GoodTalk Vol. 10, roll up a couple doobies, and burn one of this Casey Jones for us.


Strain Of The Day: Purple Haze

Purple Haze
Whatcha’ll smokin on? The Strain Of The Day today is Purple Haze, a timeless strain for any true smoker. With purple and bright green leaves and and tons of orange hairs, this Sativa will be sure to put you on the couch for a grip with long-lasting, euphoric effects. Purple Haze smells woodsy with some Haze undertones and tastes like grape candy, so be sure to grab your rolling tray, papers, and roll up some of this purple goodness.

Smoking on that….

Mr. Nice Guy / Sativa

Strain of the day – Green Crack

Green Crack / Hybrid

Strain of the day: Purple Haze

We’re back with the strains of the day! We know it’s been a minute. Kicking it off with a classic: Purple Haze / Sativa. We trippy mane!!

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Strain of the Day – Mars OG


Strain of the Day – Purple Power


Strain of the Day – Cinderella 99

Sativa / Indica

Strain Of The Day – Black Dragon

100% Indica, 100% body High