Cozmo- “Exhale” ft: Berner (Prod By: The Elevaterz)


Taylor Gang member & Smoker’s Club OG Cozmo released a dope track “Exhale.” The track also features Berner. You have to smoke to this one.


Payroll Giovanni’s Big Bossin Vol 1 project has 100% been the soundtrack for my Summer 2016. The tape has definitely kept me focus on hustling and grinding. Been driving around to and living them lyrics that he’s spitting as if he were a preacher. Payroll just dropped the video for “My Whole Life” which is off of the aforementioned project. So press play, make sure you got that good gas rolled and listen to the game and knowledge that Payroll is trying to kick to you.

New Joint: Curren$y – Situations (ft. Wiz Khalifa) (@CurrenSy_Spitta @WizKhalifa #2009)

Ah yes, 2009!, such a great year. While we impatiently wait for Wiz and Spitta to bless us with their next collaborative project #2009, Uncle Spitta releases the soulful, Coke Wave 2; Max B and French Montana-esque “Situations” via his soundcloud. I love when these fools link up and give us that How Fly feeling all over again. I doubt we’ll get the project this year but this song will definitely act as an appetizer. I’m actually hoping they hold off on the project until they can plan a full blown co-headling arena/stadium tour. OG Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y fans deserve that.

New Joint: Hardo – Love Foreal (@trapnhardo @MeekMill)

“Tryna raise above poverty, that’s why I’m trappin”. Hardo and Meek Mill rep Pennsylvania heavy on this one. The Pittsburgh and Philadelphia natives link up for this heartfelt anthem about strength, struggle, hustle, grinding, fake love, and making it out of tough situations. Hearing about Hardo’s legal issues and “story” before I even heard of his music, upon hearing his music he definitely reminded me of Meek Mill’s early years. So it’s not a surprise that these two linked up and actually made something fire. This is the Meek Mill I like and want to keep hearing. I’m not sure what Hardo’s label situation is, but his album 92 OG is on the way, can’t wait to hear how it’s sounding, until then, play the track below and definitely make sure your backwoods are stuffed for this. You’re probably going to play it back 3, 4, maybe even 5 times. A lot of quotables in this.


New Joint: Payroll Giovanni + Cardo – Big Bossin Vol. 1 (Album Stream)(@FenkellPayroll @CardoGotWings)

DoughBoyz Cashout’s Payroll aka Payroll Giovanni has been making some pretty big waves as a solo act. His latest release, a collaborative album with producer Cardo. Cardo is well know for his West Coast-esque, G-Funk inspired production and definitely laces Payroll with some extremely impressive sounds. For those that aren’t aware, Payroll Giovanni is from Detroit, Michigan…a place that has always had an intense West Coast influence in lifestyle and music. So the fact that he sounds so dope and fits right in pocket with these California flavored productions is an added bonus because I think it’s safe to say, it’s not often we get projects from younger artists that sounds like this. This tape is definitely full of smoke and ride tunes, as well as tracks that’ll make you want to get some money, and spend some money. Payroll has been one of my favorite rappers for a while now and I’m glad to see everybody receive this tape so well. So press play below or purchase/stream via Apple Music. Make sure your blunts and/or papers are rolled and let us know what you think of these Midwest player vibes.

New Joint: A$AP Mob – Yamborghini High ft. Juicy J *VIDEO* (@ASAPMOB @therealjuicyj)

Leave it to the A$AP Mob to push the creative boundaries when it comes to what/how rap videos should look like. Ever since they dropped the audio/art for “Yamborghini High” and performed it at Yams Day back in January I knew that the visuals would be spectacular when it comes time to release a video. 4 months later here we are with an amazing video, featuring some waved out, trippy animation and glitch art. Love how they had the color changing bathrobes on in the video. Also, shouts to them for having Miss Tati (A$AP Yams’ mother) in the opening of the video, posted up in the room with coogi print everything all over the place. That was beautiful. I’m pretty sure the image of Rocky eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles is going to turn into a viral meme/gif within the next month or so. This video is honestly too dope for words, I suggest you just press play below and prepare yourself for the litness. I’d also suggest that you watch this video in 1080.


New Joint: Wiz Khalifa – Bake Sale ft. Travis Scott (@WizKhalifa @trvisXX)

I’m not sure where they do glow in the dark bake sales, but I swear if you guys know of any please let us know. We will be there eating all the snacks and blowing big dank. However, Wiz Khalifa and Travis Scott CLEARLY know where to find glow in the dark bake sales. Fresh from announcing his “HIGH ROAD” tour with Snoop Dogg, Kevin Gates, Casey Veggies and Jhene Aiko, The Wizzle Man himself passing us the visuals of Bake Sale with Travis Scott in tow. If you haven’t listened to Wiz’s “KHALIFA” album yet, you might want to go twist up a couple Smokers Club rolling papers, get baked and go listen. Surprised how many people slept on the album, it was actually pretty solid and sounded more like his mixtape stuff than his previous album. One question though, WHERE IN THE HELL IS #2009!?!?!


New Joint: Curren$y + Sledgren – Revolver (Short Film + Mixtape) (@CurrenSy_Spitta @ImSledgren)

The long awaited collaborative project between Curren$y and Sledgren is finally here and the delivery is pretty unique. Instead of just dropping a 6 song EP produced by Taylor Gang sound provider Sledgren, Spitta decided to put together a short film with the 6 songs from Revolver as the soundtrack. Kind of like how Jay Z did Streets Is Watching back in 1998. The short film features many Jet Life members and affiliates such as Mouse, Cornerboy P, and Mr. Marcelo. The film also features Jet Life recording artist T.Y. (son of B.G. from the Hot Boys) as well as Lil’ Juvie and Lil’ Soulja Slim (guess who their fathers are). If memory serves me correctly the 3 children of those Nawlins legends also have a group together called Ghetto Children. Enough of my ranting and raving, roll up, burn a couple, watch the film and listen to the bangers.

New Joint: Larry June – Suicide (@LarryJuneTFM @ImSledgren)

The Smokers Club is super ecstatic to be premiering this new track from Larry June. Suicide, produced by Sledgren is the first single from Sock It To Me Part 2, which is the 2nd collaborative effort between Sledgren and Larry (GOOD JOB SLEDGREN). In typical Larry June fashion, the track comes with Larry’s high energy ad-libs and bars to live by. I’m always impressed with how positive and inspirational Larry’s lines are. Always makes me want to continue to eat healthy, work hard, open up business so I can make good things happen for my family, buy my mom a house and make sure she doesn’t have to work again. This is for all the homies out here trapping with a vision and goal in mind (legally or not-so-legal lol. Good job Larry and thank you for giving us these life instructions. “Start a business, get your money up and watch the bad bitches run to you”  Yee-hee!!!

New Joint: Larry June – Dope Man (@LarryJuneTFM)

One of The Smokers Club’s favorites as of late, Mr. Larry June. The Bay Area rapper reminds us to stay healthy and eat our fruit with this video for his banger Dope Man. Larry was one of the most talked about artists this past week at SXSW. Sucks I couldn’t link up with him but I’m sure we’ll be able to link soon. The song can be found on Larry’s most recent project “Sock It To Me” which was a collaborative effort between him and Taylor Gang beat maker Sledgren. I advise all of you to go to whole foods, grab you some organic orange juice, some ginger shots, a nice meal from the hot foods deli and some kale smoothies, roll up a couple joints via our Smokers Club Rolling papers and bump this whole project. Or you could just press play on the video and go about your day. It’s your choice, either way, enjoy!

Smoke 2 This: Wiz Khalifa – “Mary 3x”

Fresh off of two heavy mixtape releases with Kush & Orange Juice, as well as Cabin Fever; Wiz had officially made the transition to superstardom right before our eyes. When “Taylor Allderdice” was announced as Wiz’s next project after his debut album, standards were high and he delivered.

With a soundscape laced by Cardo, Sledgren, ID Labs & Big Jerm, the sound was what we came to expect from the Pittsburgh star but it showed everyone that he didn’t lose a step. Take a listen to a standout off of the tape, “Mary 3x” produced by frequent collaborator Cardo.

Lola Monroe – “Flexin (Remix)”

The Taylor Gang Queen launched her new track, remixing Meek Mill’s “Flexin On Em.” She goes hard on this track to make sure you take her seriously as a female lyricist. I hope the female MCs are watching…