GPen Gio: The Future Of Cannabis Oil, Wax & Other Marijuana Concentrates

Grenco Science is the lead manufacturer for quality engineering combined with unique style and grace. With glimmers of hope and hints of a new product over the last few months, it was only a matter of time before the world got acquainted with something special.

In July of 2017, Berner and Wiz Khalifa shared a video via Facebook to express great excitement with their supporters that something incredible was cooking up over at Grenco Science. It wouldn’t be long before the internet began to go nuts. Fans went crazy to learn about the G Pen Gio as it made its debut at the Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa, CA. We had a moment to speak with the founder, Chris Folkerts, to elaborate on the journey and future of G Pen Gio.

To understand the Gio, you have to travel back in time. Chris reminisces on how the brands popularity and excitement caused a bit of confusion in the beginning. “The first 15,000 that we made were initially gonna be called the Gio. We didn’t have a manual, it just had a G on the pen and a G on the box. People started calling it the G Pen naturally. It became G Pen based off what was originally the Gio. We thought it was fitting to bring back around.”

Chris assures customers across the globe that hours of dedication and attention to detail have lead to a product that will essentially uplift and evolve the cannabis industry.

“Half of it’s been development, the other half has really been about setting up partnerships across the United States and into Canada. Having these conversations even with other countries where Gio would be a preferred hardware device with these particular processors. A lot of these people are very established if not the most established in their market respectively.”

The journey would not be complete without the legend himself, Berner. Most known for his skill-set and passion displayed through various endeavors from cannabis to music. Berner has been the originator for a culture that is still very young and is at the forefront to bestow the necessary knowledge and experience for others to gravitate towards. After announcing the Gio, it wasn’t very long until the first official collaboration took place. G Pen teamed up with SF Cookies to release their latest drop, London Pound Cake.

It’s essential to surround yourself with the best and Grenco Science does a magnificent job of setting the example. In order to create the finest product Chris has linked up with a number of partners to produce the highest quality experience. Companies such as Evo Lab (CO), Pistil Point (OR), TJ’s (OR), Eaze (CA) and MedMen (CA) have believed in Chris’ vision and assist with an unmatched consistency. Eaze is known as the leading cannabis delivery service while MedMen is known to the world as the leading cannabis retailer. Another highly respected company known as Greenlane is in charge of hardware distribution. These relationships are crucial to assure customers that the investment they have made is derived from an unmatched quality. “There’s been a company that we’re working with called Herbology. They are the ones that have really helped us do all the formulations and the testing of the hardware components. We have been working with them the last 2 years. I would say they are the most important company that we have beside us. One of the partners owns an analytics lab so they’ve been able to get us a lot of data on what we’ve been doing during the development process, also helping us achieve consistency across the multi-state and multi-country launch.”

“We are a leading technology brand that has a lifestyle heart.”

“Money doesn’t buy happiness, money just buys freedom. Wealth is a state of being.”

“If you look at any menu on just about any dispensary anywhere, cookies is on anywhere between 5% to 20%. There’s people growing some sort of cookies genetics. It’s the most sought out brand in the cannabis industry. It’s the biggest brand in cannabis hands down.” After a few conversations it made perfect sense for the moguls to team up and put their minds together.

On January 16th, the city of Maywood got blessed in a major way thanks to Berner & G Pen. While the line wrapped around the building and fans waited patiently it was clear that something special was unveiling.

The city, which was $16 million in debt and looking at bankruptcy, turned to Berner, Cookies and others in a last-ditch effort to save the town. Officials passed rules to allow recreational and medicinal dispensaries, cultivation and distribution.

Cookies applied for and was handed one of the first 12 licenses that went to five different companies. In fact, Cookies received several licenses to cover all aspects of the business. In return, the city gets 6 percent sales tax on all marijuana sales, said Maywood spokesman Robert Alaniz.

“Depending on sales, it could be as much as $1 million a year from Cookies alone,” Alaniz said. “Not only is this going to pay down the city’s debt but some of the money is going toward city services like streets and sidewalks and a new sheriff’s substation.” – David Futch, LA Weekly

Make no mistake about it, G Pen is inspiring marijuana connoisseurs all over. Chris shared with us that a Texas native who writes reviews on numerous products in the industry flew out to California just to get his hands on the new product. “There’s no doubt that we will continue to do collaborations with music, art, fashion, extreme sports and we will continue to support a variety of causes both behind the scenes and during some initial campaigns working with some different charities as well. The Gio gives ability to do a lot.”


With every success story comes a great amount of sacrifice. Chris honors the creative process and respects the challenges that are included. A project that took 2 years in the making has lead us to a starting point of a cultural revolution taking place. We are excited for the G Pen Gio global takeover! Make sure to follow G Pen on Twitter & Instagram to stay updated on the latest news.

Smoke 2 This: Dave East ft. Wiz Khalifa – “Phone Jumpin”

Dave East’s new album Paranoia is rolled heavy with features from the likes of  French Montana and Chris Brown–but the standout song comes with Wiz Khalifa. Wiz displays on this track why he’s kind of a big deal and his love for the dab life with lines like “Keep a low temp nail cause it’s all about taste.”

And Dave East brings that raw, Luke Cage vibe that has seen him soar in recent years:

Full album:


Statik Selektah ft. 2 Chainz Wiz Khalifa – “Man of the Hour”

Statik Selektah brings us “Man of the Hour” off of his eighth studio album, rightly titled, 8, with the help of Wiz and 2 Chainz. Statik shows off his skills of not only being able to produce a solid track but also giving his featured artists something different and fun to work with.

Check it out:

Light One To Wiz Khalifa’s New ‘Bong Rips’ EP

Wiz Khalifa surprises us with another EP; this time, it’s a little 4-track junt featuring Chevy Woods and Desiigner.

The Pittsburgh rapper is just a couple of weeks removed from dropping his Pre-Rolleds tape with in-house producer Sledgren. He took to Twitter very early this morning to announce the project, appropriately titled Bong Rips. It also features production from Ricky P, DP Beats and Girl Talk.

Spark one up and listen to Wiz’s newest shit below.

Can You Receive An Organ Transplant If You Light Up?

Stigmas are tough to overcome. In this case it has directly effected our ability as a society to save lives. The U.S. Department of Health develops a set of requirements for organ donor’s based off age, smoking history and previous health records. However this criteria is outdated by thirty years.

The fact is that over a six year period over 300 subjects were observed, both receiving lung transplant from non cannabis using donors and cannabis using donors. A history of smoking cannabis did not effect the survival rate of the patient receiving the transplant. The unwillingness to accept the facts and succumb to the stigma has kept Medical Marijuanaa large number of potential donors off the list. Because cannabis is a schedule one drug, the U.S. Department of Health has compartmentalized it as such.

Studies have shown that there is no significant difference between cannabis users and the lungs of non cannabis users. It simply comes down to an outdated stigma. A conservative agenda and set of requirements that was developed over 30 years ago should have no baring on a persons right to live. The rescheduling of cannabis from a class one narcotic is the first step in allowing scientific research on federal level. Until this misplaced stigma is removed many people who could benefit from organ transplants must wait.

New @thejuelzsantana: “Mr. Weedman” ft. @wizkhalifa and @snoopdogg

In honor of the high holiday today, Juelz Santana blessed fans with new music called “Mr. Weedman”. Featuring fellow smokers Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, this is the perfect song to roll up to and celebrate 4/20 with. Rare fact about Juelz, his first dab was with the Smokers Club. Roll up and enjoy! #Smoke2This

.@WizKhalifa Releases Mobile Game For 4/20

To celebrate 4/20 this year, Wiz Khalifa will release a mobile app, “Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm,” where players can create a virtual weed farm and, according to promotional materials, build a “weed empire.” A joint from Khalifa, Warner Music Artist Services and gaming company Metamoki, “Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm” will “give players a glimpse into the future of legalized cannabis” and will demonstrate to players how weed growers are “seizing opportunities in entrepreneurial fashion, reinvesting into business, and compounding returns.”

To celebrate the release of the game, Wiz Khalifa and the “Wiz Khalifa Weed Farm” team are running a giveaway where users can win an all-expenses paid trip to Colorado, a visit to Khalifa’s official “Khalifa Kush” dispensary, and tickets to the one of the rapper’s Colorado tour dates. To enter, check out the “Wiz Khalifa Weed Farm” website.

[AV Club]

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Leslie Marie Says Bye “On Baby”

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Hear an Unreleased Track from Bad Neighbor

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Look at This Louis Vuitton Leather Salamander

louis vuitton

It’s apparently a life-size accessory from the upcoming fragment design x Louis Vuitton collection. But honestly, dafuq?

“Cash Me Outside” Danielle Bregoli Gets TV Show

On today’s episode of “What have you done with your life lately?” the internet obsession, Danielle Bregoli, has signed a major deal with a TV production company for her own reality TV show. The network has been unnamed so far. She’s also signed to IMG’s original content department. Wild shit.

Wiz Khalifa Angers Colombian Officials Over Pablo Escobar Grave Visit


While in Colombia for a show, Wiz visited Pablo Escobar’s grave and sparked one. Medellin Mayor Federico Gutierrez said Wiz should apologize for “”advocating crime” and should have instead brought flowers to the victims of those who suffered at Escobar’s hands. He also called Wiz a “scoundrel.” What do you think about all of that?


Azad Freestyles Over They.’s “Nu Religion”

VP of Mind of a Genius and artist himself, Azad, freestyled over the beat from THEY.’s “Nu Religion.”

Danny Brown Got Chappelle Stoned Out of His Gourd That One Time

In one of Chappelle’s new Netflix specials (Era of Spin), Chappelle retells a story about getting a little too lifted right before doing a set with the unwanted help of a rapper. He didn’t mention who the rapper was but Danny Brown seems to have taken the credit now.

Last Night in Paris Returns with “Black Beauty”

Cuffing season might be over but Last Night in Paris still feel those feelings on their new track.

Sound Searchin: Learn The Presets to Recreate Wiz Khalifa’s “We Dem Boyz” Remix

Sound Searchin is about recreating some of your favorite songs. This episode will be talking about Wiz Khalia’s “We Dem Boyz” Remix released in 2014. I hope these videos will show you that you can make a hit song with just about anything as long as you bring your own creativity and style to your music. Enjoy The Show. Find Your Sound.

Wiz Khalifa Vaporized at the Grammys

To be honest, it’s a little surprising Wiz wasn’t just puffing on sticks of Khalifa Kush throughout the entire ceremony. But he did post this classic pic to his Snapchat:

You got to imagine that at least half the artists in the crowed are ingesting marijuana thru vapor or edible during this shitshow. How else could they deal with The Chainsmokers?

Mic’d Up: A Conversation With Producer Extraordinaire Mike Free

With so many great records surfacing throughout the industry it’s always difficult to discover the producer behind your favorite songs. While some gain instant notoriety, others devote themselves to an incredible work ethic which accumulates to more opportunities. Mike Free is certainly a man dedicated to his passion and has no time to waste.

While entering the music industry the South Central based producer made an incredible impact by creating the instrumental for Tyga’s “Rack City” which was certified 4x platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. Free would continue his journey exploring new sounds and executing impeccable ideas that would lead to smash records such as “I Don’t Fuck With You” (Big Sean x E-40), “Post To Be” (Omarion x Chris Brown x Jhene Aiko) & “Or Nah” (Ty Dolla Sign x Wiz Khalifa) to name a few. We got the chance to speak with Mike Free about what the future holds along with the trials and tribulations of being a producer/entrepreneur.




“I grew up in South Central Los Angeles so that could say a lot right there but for those who don’t know Los Angeles is the home of gangbanging so staying away from that was challenging but going to school and playing sports helped keep me out of trouble of course until I figured music would be my thing.”

When did you begin playing instruments? How old were you?
My dad gave me a keyboard when I was 6 and that took my mind off the bs that was going on outside my moms house. I would pretty much replay music I would hear on the radio (dre, snoop, quik, jay z, eve, Alicia keys) until essentially I learned by ear how to play piano.

What motivates you to create your music?
My family is a huge motivation as well as my close circle of friends that motivate me everyday. I also love my vice, OG Kush haha

What do you feel makes your music unique at or above the rest?
Well I think I combined a lot of elements in music I loved from my childhood through adolescence years along with current music and created a strong LA sound for club goers and fun havers all over the world.



Which artist(s) has/had the greatest impact on you?
I would say Lil Jon mainly because his era was my transitioning from child into a teenager. I had older cousins that I would envy for going to night clubs because I was underage at the time of course and telling me how when the DJ dropped that Lil Jon the whole club turnt out. I always thought he was cool because he never really rapped he adlibs of course but just the power of his instrumental was enough to bury the whole night club all over the world.

What’s the best investment you’ve made in your career?
Best investment was my studio having a place to bang out and smoke big weed without the neighbors calling the boys every night is truly a blessing and privilege.

You’ve created some amazing audio masterpieces that have captivated the world time and time again, which song has given you the most memorable experience so far?
My most memorable song would have to be My Nigga aka My Hitta there was so much going on in my life at the time I had just totaled my Cadillac found out I had a son on the way had to pay so much in taxes and didn’t know if I would be able to make it in time (I did) but when I heard that song I believed in it from the moment I heard rich homies voice

What are your thoughts on issues producers face in a streaming economy?
Well I feel the Grammy society is working very hard at fixing that but it’s a big problem because music sells no where how it did 10 years ago from album sales to even the ringtone wave from the early to late 2000s musicians were able to feed families for years with a gold record. Streaming is hurting creators because they aren’t sure how to generate enough capital to keep creating. I hope they fix this real soon because I feel it’s not only hurting the quality of music, it’s hurting integrity and hurting relationships.


What are your views on the present state of major and independent music?
Well I feel like majors have gotten better over the years since the industry has changed and a very small number of Independent labels have really thrived can’t really say much else about it.

What’s your favorite strain to light up? Why?
OG kush because it tastes the best (in my opinion) and gets you the highest (also my opinion)

What is your near future looking like?
More life

What can we expect to hear from you and when can we expect it?
I’ve been working with some really dope artists/ friends early into the year don’t know if they really want me saying it but I’m definitely excited and can’t wait till they drop I’m also working on my first project as a producer I already have some dope features on there and I’m also very excited about that.

Lastly, leave our readers with some final words.
Smoke good eat good live good peace and prosperity Life and longevity deuces.

Listen to the A$AP MOB’S “COZY TAPES VOL.1” Album


In memory of the great A$AP Yam$, who first brought together the “Cozy Tapes,” the Mob released the “COZY TAPES VOL.1.” The album features A$AP ROCKY, A$AP FERG, A$AP NAST, A$AP TWELVY, LIL UZI VERT, JUICY J, WIZ KHALIFA & more favorites. The album is a perfect dedication to fallen A$AP MOB member A$AP YAM$, he would have been proud. We’ve been bumping this tape since it’s release and have to says, it’s pretty fucking good.

Listen to the album here: