Biggie Once Got Nas So High He Couldn’t Record a Verse

Before BIG and Nas were beefing about who was the NY GOAT, they were bff. And when they were bff, did you know that BIG wanted to record a verse for a “Gimme the Loot” remix?

According to what Nas recently told DJ Khaled in an interview on his We The Best Beats 1 radio show, that’s a fact. XXL has the scoop, and the scoop involves some old school nug in the early 90s:

But elsewhere in the interview, Nas gets into how Biggie originally wanted him on a remix to “Gimme The Loot.” The two were smoking some “chocolate,” and the way Esco tells it, he just didn’t write anything for the song. He asked Biggie if he had anything, and Big just started spitting without writing anything down. After that, Nas went right to Hot 97 to tell that story because rumors were spreading about Biggie not writing his lyrics down at the time.

Chocolate probably refers to “Chocolate Thai”, a big time New York strain from the 90s that you’d be hard-pressed to find a legit version of these days. Either way, this chocolate was clearly too heavy for Nas to handle, and we never got that “Gimme the Loot” remix.

In honor of #TBT and BIG’s death 19 (and a day) years ago, here’s the timeless tune:




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