Quarter Pound Football Joint Goes Up in Smoke

While your fantasy squad lights it up on Sundays, imagine how good that squad would look if it had, say, Martavis Bryant or Josh Gordon (soon!) in there. Through three weeks, a handful of impact players have been watching NFL games from the same vantage point as us.

And that sucks. It’s heartbreaking that Justin Blackmon will probably never get a chance to showcase his world-class talent, and that Gordon and Bryant are a joint away from ending their careers. It’s straight trash that the NFL–despite clinical proof that cannabis aids head trauma–continually suspends players for cannabis use.

With that in mind, club member Tony Greenhand twisted up a 4.2 ounce (QP!) football joint for the Portland-based Cultivated Industries. Watch as we burn this potskin down:

If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area, check out Cultivated Industries. They got the loud.



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