Slim Jxmmi of Rae Sremmurd on The Smokebox with B Real (@Jxmmi @B_Real)

B Real of Cypress Hill links up with Slim Jxmmi from Rae Sremmurd and some members of the Sremm Life crew to discuss their come up and humble beginnings from Tupelo, Mississippi, the origin behind their Sremm Life term and much more, while facing copious amounts of blunts and joints. I love the fact B Real grabs a great balance of OG’s and young stars for these interviews. You know B Real had to ask the burning question too: what their favorite strain of weed was. Slim Jxmmi wasted no time and mentioned OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies. Slim also mentioned that when he first started coming to California he felt like he hadn’t really become a smoker until he got in tune with the Cali weed culture. Amazing stuff in this interview to be honest. Having actually partied with some of the guys from the Sremm Life crew I can tell you from experience that these dudes really party hard, work hard and deserve all the success they’ve gotten. Can’t wait to see what the new music is about sound like. Get your smoking utensils ready and watch the video.



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