Would You Smoke Weed With Your Grandma?

Both my grandmas are gone but when they were alive hanging out with them met either eating triscuits or (later in life) drinking wine. I’m fairly certain neither of them ever smoked much weed, if at all. And if they did, they probably smoked less times in their lifetimes than I do in a normal week.

For 80+ year olds, weed is a foreign subject. But not this grandma who looks pretty at piece with the pipe:

I don’t know if I’d want to be there when my grandma smokes weed. It just seems a little awkward. What if she starts telling me about the time her and Gpa got it in? Just too many variables at play here.

I’d be all for my grandparent using it in her own time and space or applying some tincture, but I don’t really want to be there for it. It just seems…weird.

Would you?



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