Smoking the World Record 4.2 Pound Watermelon Joint!

When Tony Greenhand told me a few months ago that this 4/20, he’d be breaking the largest joint world record with a 4.2 pound joint, my initial reaction was “yeah, right, we’ll see.”

Lo and behold, the weed wizard got it done again. And the watermelon colored and shaped joint hit like a charm. Thanks to the co2 company–who generously donated the flower for the roll, Tony’s vision became a reality last weekend. With the help of his lady @shesmokesjoints, Tony spent last week designing and rolling what is truly the first joint–and piece of art–of its kind. Watch below as this 4.2 pounder gets rolled and then lit–and stays lit!

Taking place in Portland, Oregon (where it’s legal!), this 4.2 pound watermelon joint was lit and stayed lit as many people got to hit what is now the world’s largest joint. Oregon brought its lungs, and this video of Tony rolling and people enjoying this beast of a joint has made this 4/20 one we will never forget. That is, until we break the next record!

Special thanks to @shesmokesjoints for the footage, @TonyGreenhand for the roll and 

Music: “Beautiful Life by Statik Selekta featuring Joey Bada$$ and Action Bronson




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