Snoop Dogg Shares a Joint With Cheech & Chong

Arguably three of the four largest marijuana figures in the world (Willie Nelson aside) joined forces for a smoke session on Snoop’s GGN. Out today, the segment features three trio doing what they do best: smoking a joint, sharing stories, and laughing about it all.

The coolest bit comes when Tommy Chong discusses his bond made in prison with the real life Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. Interestingly enough, Chong gave Belfort the best advice and only advice any writer ever needs: “Write about what you know. The only thing he knew was how to fuck people around”

Lo and behold, Belfort turned that advice into his The Wolf of Wall Street book which then became one of the biggest films of 2013. All thanks to some sage stoner advice.

Watch it all below:

(Side note: Cheech also asks what happened to Qualudes…and wants them back. Priceless)



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