Super Troopers 2 is Officially Happening–And You Can Join the Fun

Are you a rich individual getting married this summer but don’t have any friends (or cool ones) and thus in dire need of groomsmen to fire up the party? You may be unlikable, but since you’re rich and found someone willing to marry you, maybe you can afford to pay the Super Troopers $25,000 to be your groomsmen.

If the news hasn’t hit you yet, Super Troopers 2 is happening and it’s being self-funded by the Broken Lizard crew. This means that the Colgate University (#1) graduates will have control over the film and will be doing things like taking fans on in beer contests to raise money through an ingenious IndieGogo campaign.

And it’s clearly working: Super Troopers 2 has already raised nearly $700,000 of its desired $2,000,000 just in six hours–which means the movie becomes a certainty. Because the group has over a month to raise the remaining $130,000 and given there are easily another 13,000 fans with $10 to spare (for swag), that means Farva and the gang is meow back!

That means more powdered sugar, more mustache rides, more shenanigans, and more FARVA:

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 5.37.59 PM


And this clip confirms: Super Troopers 2 is going to be the best movie ever:

“I got a perk–guy gives a hundred bucks and I go to his house and fuck his wife. ZINGOOOO!”

This film can’t come soon enough. Since production will probably start this summer, envision a summer of 2016 release…but it’s happening. It’s finally happening.



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