As Application Season Approaches… Here Are The Top 5 Colleges For Weed Lovers

Now that weed has been decriminalized in most states, recreational pot use tell's a different story in every major city in the US. Rules and regulations tend to vary when it comes to where you can fire up a joint. The attitude towards weed on college campuses, tends to be more relaxed than it would be anywhere else - that is, unless you’re using a smoke buddy to take low profile rips in your freshman-year dorm room; in which case, let’s hope your RA is feeling 420-friendly. We’ve decided to compile a list of our top five most accommodating campuses for stoners across the America.   

  • Ithaca College  Holding a #5 spot on our list is the beautiful Ithaca College. Ithaca is a private liberal arts college in upstate New York founded in 1892 by William Egbert, initially to serve as a college for music. The school sits on the side of an ineffably scenic range of mountains that pepper the sides of Cayuga Lake. While the school seems slightly overshadowed by its neighbor, Cornell University, we find that the grand majority of smaller schools that neighbor more prestigious counterparts tend to be made up of wonderfully friendly and increasingly stoned student bodies that just can’t stop making shit out of metal - just take a look at RISD. While New York has only recently began permitting medicinal use of marijuana, the attitude towards stoners has remained fairly lenient across the state and Ithaca College is a perfectly tranquil place to test that theory. Whether it’s a walk by the waterfalls or post-triple-decker sundae from Purity Ice Cream, there’s always been a good time for a joint in Ithaca, New York. 

  • McGill University  We must travel across the border for our #4 spot, and not the one that Trump is losing his shit about. After Drake, we anticipated Canada’s next big thing - who knew it’d be McGill University, a public research university in Montreal. McGill is mostly recognized as a top tier party school. Attendance has sky-rocketed - with a drinking age of 18 and a recent legalization of recreational marijuana. Soon dispensaries will scatter across Canada’s major cities and while climate change slowly brings Canadian temperatures down to an unprecedented low, McGill may eventually bump up to our #3 spot.d 

  • UC Santa Cruz Standing strong in our #3 spot we will appropriately take things to sunny California and give a shout out to UC Santa Cruz. There isn’t much to say about why this school is an optimal choice for dedicated potheads other than the fact that they host the largest cannabis testing facility in the entire world, SC Labs. Oh yeah, their mascot is also a 6 ft tall banana slug. Apart from that, the campus hosts renowned 420 festivities and for the most part, you can expect similar festivities on just about any day of any month at this public research college on central California's coast. 

  • Evergreen College  Narrowing down our #2 spot took a lot of thought and for the most part if we could mash Reed, Lewis & Clark, Bennington, Hampshire, Evergreen and the University of Oregon together into one big ball of love and happiness. Although, we’d probably just end up with 3 days of peace and music. However, seeing as Matt Groening cites Evergreen as everything we have to blame for the creation of 'The Simpsons' they’re definitely taking the cake with this one. While the school also boasts more obscure alumni such as Macklemore, who’s mostly just known for robbing Kendrick Lamar of grammy awards, it’s renowned across the country for having a progressive agenda and flexibility when it comes to allowing students to design their own schedule and curriculum. Oh, did we mention that at Evergreen there are no grades? 

  • CU Boulder  Standing tall at #1, it's safe to say that if you plan on living four years of college, the University of Colorado, Boulder is most definitely the place to be. Cozied in between the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is widely considered one of the most ideal destinations for weed smokers in America. According to students, campus police have gone to unimaginably uncool measures to deter students from smoking weed on every square inch of campus, even hosing down quads with awful-smelling fertilizer to discourage students from putting down a picnic blanket and busting out a bong. With the third highest number of dispensaries out of any state in the US, coming across weed in Colorado is as easy as it is to find White Claw in a conservative Northeastern sorority house. Campus police attempt to ensure things don’t out of hand on Boulder’s soil but there are an infinite number of impossibly beautiful spots to smoke that are just a short walk away. Boulder, Colorado remains the one of the most beautiful places in the world to smoke weed as easily as it is to obtain 

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