How CBD Has Made It’s Way Into The Medical Market and Reestablished Weed’s Relationship With All of Our Parents

We’ve come a long way since the War on Drugs. We now have California dispensaries providing a delivery service that operates with the same comfort and ease as UberEats. It’s even more mind-boggling to think that your favorite buds are just a few taps of your screen away. With that being said, it’s time to let a whole lot of people out of jail for petty weed crimes. 

New York and other major cities have yet to take full flight into the cannabis industry, they have lots of room for improvement when it comes to the weed, but what about CBD?    

Cannabidiol or CBD, is the second most significant ingredient in the chemical makeup of what we know as marijuana. It’s counterpart THC, is known for inducing traditional symptoms of being high - from the munchies to the giggles. However, CBD demonstrates none of the qualities of weed that could lead to any abuse or dependance. CBD has made its way into boutiques and pop-ups around the country, making itself known for its medical benefits and appeal to audiences that wouldn’t typically be considered the “stoner” crowd. It’s known to alleviate pain and can be sold in the form of creams or tinctures, while also proving mentally beneficial when consumed regularly as we would normal weed. Parents and grandparents have flocked to stores to see if the newest CBD creams can help treat arthritis or take a trip down memory lane.  

There are shops like ‘Hidden Hemp”, located In Park Slope, Brooklyn where you can walk in with very little trouble and leave with up to an ounce of high-grade CBD weed. On the flip side, there are adults that have passed their blaze-phase who could use CBD stores to tap back into that 1980’s nostalgia - this one’s for you Dad.  

CBD has provided more practical applications from: substance abuse treatment, cancer-related alleviation, acne reduction, and heart pain. CBD has introduced a new frontier within the medical field and is a fantastic way for people of all ages to experience the medical benefits of the plant with a 420 feel. From creams and concentrate, to flowers and lubricants, CBD has managed to find a myriad of practical applications for everyone to enjoy and we hope to see the market continue to flourish.  

To read more about CBD and THC’s introduction into the sex market, check out last week’s article!  

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