Limp Like a Pimp with Cashius Green's New Midnight Music Project

“Midnight Music” is Cashius Green slipping outrageous lyrics into our psyches via eclectically nostalgic beats. It’s “vodka, water, and sea moss”, like the cocktail Cashius mentions on “Take Two”—balance, but with a degenerate lilt.

Every beat on “Midnight Music” will change your walk. You’ll start to limp like a pimp. “I love talking chivalry, mix it up with pimpery” (“Ooh Damn”). Imagine a future where polyamory, drug trafficking, sex work, and drug use are the norm, and maybe even a little passè, and you’ll be in the universe Cashius describes on “Midnight Music”. He’s giving us the soundtrack to the other side of life’s coin—where the heroes are the things that go bump in the night. 

The album is brimming with anthems, sing-a-long hooks, and two-step tracks. Green shares the spotlight with talented artists Johnny Storm, Doorbeez, Jae Harper, and IDK.mrn, who each show up and show out, but the most exciting part of “Midnight Music” is hearing how Cashius Green manipulates language to reinforce the vibe provided by the record’s slip-n-slide-smooth production. It’s the great con: the pimp itself. 

Throughout “Midnight Music”, Cashius is accepting darkness, speaking on it, and pimpin’ through it to control his own narrative.

“I don’t fight my demons, I pimp ‘em so they can’t hide no mo’.” -Cashius Green

[Written by Sondria Writes]

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