PACK YOUR BAGS: The Smokers Club is Moving

The Smokers Club is moving to the Metaverse.

That’s right, we’re packing up all the weed, all the hoodies, all the records, all the money, and of course our ping pong table, and we’re taking our talents to Discord. We’re just as sick of the real world as you, with its outdated algorithms and stoner stigmas. 

So we’re setting up shop on Discord, where our community can bloom and we can all say or post whatever the hell we want without Zuckbot and his minions shadowbanning the shit out of us.

The Smokers Club Discord will be the not-so-secret Headquarters for all Members in the Metaverse. The Homebase. Olly olly oxen free. Members of the Discord will have early access to all things Smokers Club, from merch and event tickets to exclusive content and alpha.



The Smokers Club discord will give Members the ability to connect with each other at a whole new level, sharing memes, cultivation tips, donut pics, Shipes Zoo-inspired pet videos, and so much more. Plus, all the triple OGs, from DZA and Bubz to Shipes, Berner, Wiz, and the rest of the homies will be stopping by every day to hang with Members, answer questions, give discounts on merch, and share exclusive content.

Join The Smokers Club Discord now, and don’t forget to Bring Ya Lungs.