Scientists Discover That Bees Might Love Bud Just As Much Humans...

We’ve all heard the stories on the news and read the articles that have been published in recent years about how important it is to maintain our bee population here on planet Earth. Bees are crucial to the natural cycle of life for plants and therefore all kinds of other species by association. Here at The Smokers Club we love hearing good news about things that are helping bee populations thrive… and the most recent scoop is perhaps our favorite news yet.   

In recent studies it’s come to the attention of scientists and farmers alike that bees are wildly attracted to hemp plants. As it turns turns out, due to the abundant pollen stores possessed by the male flowers, our fuzzy friends might like weed just as much as we do. Scientists have found that larger crops of hemp plants attract a wide range of bee subspecies and the taller plants can bring in nearly 17 times more bees than the shorter ones. Female plants are usually ignored by the bees because they don’t produce the same flowers, which is fine by the rest of us considering humans only use the female plants - it’s a big win-win. While these plants don’t give off the same vibe as others we might associate with the flying insect there seems to be a new relationship blossoming between the two and we’re all very happy to see it.  

Bees are one of the most important means of natural plant reproduction and without them we lose all kinds of fruits and other naturally grown food. Adding hemp plants to their appetite is incredibly exciting to us and means a lot to the cannabis industry as we begin to realize that our favorite plant could make a big difference in the world of agriculture.