SHIPES SHOPS: My Favorite 10 Drops of 2021

First of all, this is Shipes, not Duke. I just lost my password.

So, a lot of great stuff dropped this year, from The Smokers Club and all my other favorite brands. I saw everyone putting together their year-end lists and wanted to make sure I documented all the cool shit I saw come out in 2021. And if you have a plug on any of this stuff, bang my line because I didn't get all of it and still need a few things. *cough* Hand-dyed Stüssy AF1s in green *cough*

Oh, and these are in no particular order. Everything was fire.

Our entire The Smokers Club X Carrots collab

Anwar never fails when it comes to his vision for design and where to take the collabs he works on with us. While he dropped a ton of hot shit for his brand this year, I had to include our collab in the Top 10.

The Smokers Club's Halloween collab with Jelly Wizard

Hands down the best edibles in the game, the homie Jelly Wizard has what many weed brands lack: great artwork, aesthetic, and overall branding. Our Halloween drop with him was epic, and we're already working on our Halloween 2022 collab but that's a different story for a different day.



Oh, and the Earth Honey ashtray and Phil Siegal glass piece we made as part of the collection were fucking insane. Legendary artists, both of them.

The Modernica Chair and Rug Josh Vides Made 



This Josh Vides X Modernica drop was the most creative rug and chair combo I have ever seen.

The Hundreds X Cash Money Records

You cant go wrong with anything Cash Money and The hundreds. This collab was next level.

Stüssy Air Force 1

Stüssy is my favorite brand since I was a kid and I grew up rocking AF1s--still do. So this blew my mind when I saw these. Throw in the tie-dye and it was a wrap. Need these so hit me if you have a line on em. 

Supreme X Skittles 

I knew when I saw this Shiest Bubz was gonna pop out in the entire fit and sure enough, he did. Crazy merge of streetwear and candy.

Diamond Supply Co X Nautica

This brought me back to the late 90’s writing graph, smoking blunts and drinking 40s in the park growing up. I rocked everything Nautica down to the socks and cologne lol.

Nike SB Dunk Strawberry Cough

The SB Dunk is one of my favorite sneakers of all time and smoking trees is my favorite hobby. 1+1 = 2. Shout out Todd Bratrud for the visionary design work on this drop.

Felt X MLB

Cookies X Starter



This one technically doesn't drop until a couple weeks from now in 2022 but it got announced in 2021 so it counts