Skinny Weed: Can Cannabis Play A Role In Your Diet?

Most of us can recall our earliest experiences with weed and what the munchies felt like after a sesh. Smoker's will tell you that the best thing to do after you get high is eat, eat and eat some more. However, there are some varieties of weed that could induce the opposite effect… Here’s everything you need to know about skinny weed.   

The primary reason cannabis makes you hungry is due to the concentrations of psychoactive THC, a component of cannabis that can be found in most strains. Most marijuana is comprised of a varying THC/CBD blend that can make bud feel stronger or perhaps more mellow - strains that are high in CBD and THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) tend to suppress your appetite and result in an improved metabolic function. Meanwhile strains high in THC tend to give you a more traditional high. Some of these strains have even proven effective when used by diabetics, who noticed an increase in insulin sensitivity. 

Several companies have attempted to champion this new variety of cannabis and hopefully pioneer a new forefront for weed’s relationship to our diets. One adult lifestyle brand called, "Suicide Girls" released a premium cartridge called Zero, composed predominantly of THCV. Suicide Girls quickly garnered buzz after it seemed to produce effective results with regards to weight loss. Since then a number of other cannabis companies have joined in the race to see who can produce the most promising ganja-oriented dietary supplement. Looks to us like there’s a lot more room to grow in this budding subsection of the weed industry, and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s to come.