SMOKE 2 THIS: REASON, Zay, Benny The Butcher, and Doe Boy

It's been raining all morning, looking gloomy as fuck outside all day so I'm feeling a little grimey. It's the perfect time to run this new "12am in Atl" from Reason's No More, No Less: Demo 1 EP. It's not really that new, it dropped back in October. But it's new to me and it's hitting.

Joining Reason on this filthy Mario Luciano and Kal Banx-produced cut is the ever-elusive Isaiah Rashad, Benny The Butcher, and FBG standout Doe Boy. All of them bring it. I've had it on repeat for the last 20 minutes while I roll up blunts for the rest of the day. Or if you follow us on Twitter, *while I build spliff.



After smoking, I've decided I like the Benny verse best, though it was a tough call, I've loved everything Zay has put out this year. Grammy shit. But The Butcher raised a very interesting question within his bars, and it put me into deep thought. The Carrot Cake probably added to my concentrated contemplation.

Benny says he'd rather be Allen Iverson than Robert Horry when it comes to talking about legacies. He's implying that he'd rather have the scoring titles, All Star selections, sneaker deals, and global superstardom than the handful of championship rings. It's a toss up, some people wont the glory of winning it all, and not many people have done that more than big Shot Bob. But AI is an icon that changed lives and shifted culture all on his own without ever winning it all.

Would you rather have a championship or be the ringless goat?

Roll something, spark up, Smoke 2 This, and think about it.

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