SMOKE 2 THIS: "Take Your Shoes Off" by Cashius Green

Family is forever, right? Today we're linking back up with our OG brother Cashius Green to release his brand new video for the FiveKMusic-produced "Take Your Shoes Off." The single will appear on the longtime Cinematic rapper's upcoming project, Midnight Music. The video, directed by Pley Tyme, reimagines the cult classic "Herman's Head" as a Wes Anderson picture, with stylistic moments throughout that are worthy of pages in a magazine.

If you aren't up to date on your Cinematic and The Smokers Club history, Cashius Green and the whole UTB movement have been down with the Members forever. From the first time Shipes and the gang met them while on tour with Wiz back in the day, it was always love. UTB are a pioneering crew in the underground and have been insanely ahead of the game with a lot of their moves, including robust merch lines, inventing emojis, and minting NFTs.

Check out Cashius Green's latest video, released in partnership with The Smokers Club and premiering now on Cinematic TV. Follow Cashius on Twitter for more info on the Midnight Music release and more.


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