SMOKE 2 THIS: The Weeknd Gifted Us Some Gasoline with Dawn FM

It's Monday, sure, but it's a holiday. That means less people are working and the normal pressures of a Monday morning are slightly scaled back. So while there's work to do, it feels a little more relaxed. You can roll a blunt this morning and relax instead of hitting the pen in between chugs of coffee.

Personally, I'm smoking on Tahoe OG in a fresh Dutch while I listen to The Weeknd's new album and type this blog. Dawn FM is a time warp back to the '80s, when synths reigned supreme and the vibe was Miami Vice Vampires.

After a brilliant into by the one and only Jim Carrey, the album goes right into "Gasoline," a song that won't stop rattling around in my brain. It's so good. I find myself randomly recreating the slightly British and robotic voice Abel goes into before transitioning to his signature falsetto.

After listening to "Gasoline" on repeat for almost an hour, I move on. "Take My Breath" is probably my other favorite track so far. But also "Out of Time" and "Sacrifice" and "Is There Someone Else?" And in addition, every other song because this whole album goes crazy and I honestly enjoy it more every time I hear it. Really growing on me.

Spark up and Smoke 2 Dawn FM, then cop something from The Smokers Club Shop. 


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