Smokers Club Summer '22 Collection

The Smokers Club first summer collection is here! Indulge in easy-breezy summer attire with vibrant selections of tee’s, sweatpants, shorts, and accessories ranging from socks to a graphic custom skateboard. The collection features iconic designs by @burritobreath, @zazzcorp, @jessecalifornia, and club member @kloudfutcolors.

The summer capsule collection brings a fun edge for proud smokers with a plethora of tee’s including the black Puff The Magic tee and Joy of Smoking tee accompanied by the custom hand-dyed Balance Tie-Dye or Stoned Age tee-shirt. No two products are the same, and are available in multiple colors, perfect to pair with Smile In Peace Sweatpants or double-layered mesh Worldwide Rollers shorts and printed Global Domination shorts. 


When catching up with @burritobreath designer of The Smokers Club “Barking Tee”, he said “The style I’m trying to create is in homage to all of the amazing illustrators from the comics and shirts I was seeing as a kid from Mad Magazine to Easyriders and everything in between. I try and bring something classic to everything I create,” said the Ohio-bred graphic design artist. 

@burritobreath  crafts his style to bring viewers feelings of vintage vibes with a touch of new age twist that any smoker can relate to. That twist is exactly what Guy and featured designers brought to The Smokers Club Summer Collection, creating a fashionable collection for smokers of the generations to vibe and roll up in. 

Don’t forget your embroidered Worldwide Rollers crew socks and adjustable Stone Aged snapback before you hop on your dope custom-printed, hard rock maple Worldwide Rollers skateboard deck! 

Peace to all our members! #BringYaLungs


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