THC Has Made It’s Way Into the Sex Market

In recent years, cannabis and hemp products have made an unprecedented mark on our country’s economics and like never before, new uses are being found for weed every single day. Initially, the market for recreational legal weed began in the medical field, but has slowly and surely moved on to more hedonistic applications. In recent years the number of lubricants and aphrodisiacs being made that are infused with THC and CBD has spiked tremendously, and weed has officially made its way to the bedroom. There are a number of different companies that offer top-shelf products to spice things up between you and your partner, but the most reliable and efficient ones are hardest to find. To help you out, here are some of our personal favorites.  

1906’s High Love, labeled “Sex Chocolate Beans” look like something you could buy next to the cash register at Starbucks. Dosed with 100 MG of THC and CBD each, these small aphrodisiacs are said to increase both libido and arousal between lovers and are one of the few edible sexy-supplements on the market.   

CBD Daily, Privy Peach and Foria are all companies that produce lubricants and sprays with a CBD/THC base that has been said to help you and your partner feel more physically present. CBD/THC based products can increase blood flow and enhance sensual amplification. Interestingly enough, it can also help women who tend to feel pain during intercourse.  

Some companies have taken a more traditional route of cannabis intake by developing vape pens that are meant for the bedroom. Dosist, a cannabis-based health and wellness company has released a “Passion Pen”, meant to increase your connection with your partner and allow for a more relaxed experience while getting it on.  

Astounding numbers of THC/CBD based products have been released in recent years and continues to grow. Weed has already made a name for itself in the kitchen, and most definitely on the couch with our buddies. We’re pleased to announce that marijuana has found a place in the bedroom too. Make your kinks more chronic with some of the products we have listed! Even outside of sexual application, there are a plethora of revolutionary new applications of marijuana making their way onto the scene, such as Whoopi Goldberg’s medical cannabis product-line designed specifically to help relieve menstrual discomfort. As the uses of THC and CBD continue to grow, we hope to continue to see weed making its way into people’s everyday lives as a means of relief and relaxation.