We Want All the Smoke for Dry January

So we're a third of the way through Dry January, how are all of you holding up on weed only. I'm honestly loving it. No hangover, just wake and bakes every day.

The only thing I've had to remember with so much extra smoking is to stay extra hydrated. I've been trying to put down a gallon a day of the good stuff.



And trust me, a gallon seems kind of daunting until you break it up into more manageable amounts. Here's what I've been doing:

I wake up and immediately drink a glass of water, usually out of my Monday's Off Pint Glass just because it's my favorite. Big vibes. I like how cold the water tastes out of the glass, I don't know, it just helps wake me up a little bit.

But you don't want to be running back and forth filling up your Pint Glass all day, so I fill up my Groovy Water Bottle and that lasts me a few hours until I have to fill it up again. But I love the handle on it, I bring it everywhere. You should honestly cop two, I've lost a couple of them.

I usually do an afternoon coffee to power through the last couple hours of the work day, and the Donut Mug is my go-to right now.

So that's the tea on how I've been staying hydrated this Dry January. Put away the booze, roll up another blunt, and drink some damn water.