WOAH Jones Sodas is Making Medicated Drinks

Weed has come a long way.

Like the weed we smoke today is so much fucking better than the weed we were smoking 10 or 15 years ago, yet alone the weed our parents and the cavemen were smoking. Science and stoners have converged on the greatest plant ever created (sorry, wheat) to advance cannabis culture into the Golden Age.

For so long, edibles and medicated drinks tasted like absolute dogshit. You could taste the skunk flavor of the partly cooked weed or you were overwhelmed by the intense wax flavor from someone just melting a bunch of BHO into the beverage.

No more.

We're seeing some of our favorite food and drink brands embrace the advancements in weed and incorporate it into their products. The latest company to throw their hat in the ring is cult classic Jones Soda.

Long a favorite soda of stoners everywhere, now Jones loyalists can kill two birds with one stone. Founded in Vancouver and based in Seattle, Jones Soda has been around for nearly 30 years but is now entering a whole new chapter. Their new Mary Jones brand will launch all over California on April 1st and... oh my God this is the first moment I considered this could be an April Fools Joke and I will be fucking HOT if Jones is messing with us. Full boycott. You do not mess around about news this good. Wow, now I'm nervous.

Um, so yeah, if this actually happens tomorrow, Just forget the previous paragraph and let's celebrate Jones for being a champion of cannabis culture and let's all go buy all the different flavors of soda and gummies to support their trailblazing move. And if it's all an elaborate April Fools Day ruse, we riot.


For now, just drink out of The Smokers Club's extensive line of stoner-friendly drinkware

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